Monday, September 27, 2021

Singing Lessons

Cujo here. The "season" is over and the pool is closed, but my Mom says you wouldn't know it by the number of times the phone rings. But the good news is that we can go in the office with her now, because nobody can come in the store! Mom takes care of customers through the window!

I have been worried about my Mom lately. I heard her tell HeWho is our dad that if she didn't get out of this place she was afraid she might kill someone! I don't know exactly who she might kill, but they can't be good if she wants to kill them, right? That is when HeWho is our dad put that special window up for her.

Then, as if worrying about murders was not enough, she decided to teach Mr. BoJangles how to sing! No, I am not kidding. She will sing to him and then he tries to sing back to her. He can hit some really high notes that will send shivers down your spine. Mom seems to think his recent surgery might have something to do with it. You remember, he had his testicles removed. Well, Mom says that now he can sing soprano!

HeWho is our dad hates it when all of us dogs sing with Mom. Bo always starts, then Toni Louise joins in. She can hit some high notes, too, but not like Bo. Eddie and I feel that we should join in with some fabulous howling to help. Mom says it is a canine choir, but HeWho is our dad will simply leave the building. He yells at us to stop, but we don't. Mom is the only one who can make us stop.

In between all of this, Mom keeps putting stuff in boxes and throwing other stuff away. She tells us that we will be moving to a new place, but she doesn't really know where it is yet. This is confusing. I am not fond of changes! Mom says that when we move she will be able to spend more time with all of us dogs. 

Martha, the boy cat will be coming with us. Martha has never even been on a trip! He was born here and has lived here all of his life. Bet he will have something to say about this! I met Dora, the turtle that Mom has in her office. Dora probably won't even notice that we are moving. Mom calls her Adorable Dora. Have you ever seen a turtle? Adorable is not a good word for a turtle! She does seem to like Mom, though. Mom holds her in her hand and talks to her and Dora will look Mom staight in the eye and turn her head this way and that way.

Dora is really small. I gave her a good sniff and she stuck her head into her shell. Eddie and Bo both tried to get her in their mouths until Mom yelled at them. I suppose they thought Mom was offering them a snack. A fishy smelling snack. I like the taste of fish, but prefer mine to be cooked first. I knew that I shouldn't try to harm Dora, I could see that she was special to Mom. Mom says that I am very observant.

I just heard Mom say something about bedtime. I like bedtime, I get to snuggle next to my mom and Eddie. The ony thing I like more than bedtime is food! That's it for me today.



Joanne Noragon said...

You will like it wherever you move, Cujo! It will be the best new different you ever had.

River said...

Cujo, I am sure your singing is very nice and the other dogs too, but I have sensitive ears, so I am glad I can't hear it.
Once you all move to a new place and get used to it I am sure you will all be much happier, especially your mum. There will be no camping people coming and going and generally upsetting things.

Donna. W said...

Missouri's loss will be some other state's gain. Keep Mom and HeWho in line!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Learning to sing is awesome Cojo some sound like a cat being strangled like me.............