Sunday, September 5, 2021

Lost and Found

Tomorrow the vast majority of campers will be rolling out and heading home, having enjoyed the last hoorah of the summer. I will be singing my song about the most wonderful day of the week. "It's the most wonderful day of the week. All the campers are leaving and my heart is heaving a sigh of relief! It's the most wonderful day of the week,"

Will I miss singing this song? Not really. It hasn't been a bad weekend. My no contact check-in worked like a charm. I do wish the opening in the plexi was a little higher, eliminating the need to bend low to be heard, but all in all it worked quite well.

I did choose a ring tone that was not annoying, so much so that I would look around to see whose phone was ringing. It rained all day yesterday (Saturday), but that did not deter those longing to play in the pool.

I got to visit with my daughter and son-in-law and I didn't care what anybody did. It was pretty quiet until we all sat down to eat and that is when that door bell rang incessantly. They were tired and went to bed early. Since they were staying in our motorhome, they were able to leave very early without disturbing anyone. They reached the second stop in their trip early in the afternoon and will have a nice rest before continuing to their destination. They are at the home of HeWho's sister and are being well taken care of.

A little girl rang the bell awhile ago (I thought I put it high enough that children couldn't reach it) and when I responded at the window she asked if I had her phone. No, I did not, but decided an investigation into why she thought I would have her phone was necessary. Apparently her mother lost her cell phone and she wanted to know if anyone had turned a phone in at the office. I wondered why anyone would send a young child out on a mission to enquire about a lost object without giving them the words to communicate with. But I would have had my child with me, not wandering around in a park surrounded by woods and close to the interstate where truckers park regularly in the rest area right across the road. I didn't think anymore about it until the mother and another woman I assumed to be the grandmother came up with the same query.

She didn't seem to believe me. She had a cell phone in her hand and informed me that the tracker was telling her that the phone was "right here". Already knowing that the tracking device was not indicating the office, I asked her if the device was indicating the office. "Well, no, but it is in this area." She said she lost it in the dog park and I suggested she look there and maybe call it and that I would have my guys look for it. She was still looking at me suspiciously as she walked away. About five minutes later as I was texting the need to look for a cell phone she was back to tell me she found it.

It was in her camper! Mystery solved and I was vindicated! I could tell she felt rather sheepish, but I put her mind at ease, telling her I lose things all the time. True story. After that I learned that a young child was found, quite by accident, with a long stick that was being used as a torch with about 6 inches of one end glowing orange. He was attempting to set our woodpile on fire!!

Thank goodness he was discovered, as that wood pile is pretty close to the big propane tank that feeds the main building! He was taken to his parents and they were told of his adventures. They took the situation seriously, but when I was sitting here watching TV and smelling camp fires, it made me go out and peek through my fence just in case!

As long as nobody was hurt, the fire would take away my packing angst! Just kidding .... I think!



River said...

Fire in the woodpile! Thank goodness that was averted. Who lets their child wander around with a burning stick?
I sense more happiness in this post.

Donna. W said...

One thing about it, your life is never dull!

Linda O'Connell said...

So, do you think you will miss all this excitement?

Val said...

Maybe you could have explained that you're so busy conjuring up rain that you don't have time to steal cell phones.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Linda, in answer to your question, I will probably miss it a bit. Like a toothache.

Joanne Noragon said...

And that fire scenario is so real. We had fire cracker idiots blow up a propane tank this past summer. That rocks the land!