Thursday, September 2, 2021

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is upon us! The good news is that this may be the last time I will host a holiday here. We have an interested party and things would appear to be falling into place.

I am now in a mad rush to find a suitable landing spot. All my extra time has been spent searching and my mind is on overload as I have seen so many properties on line and am trying to narrow them down to a suitable number to go and actually see. I have a budget, of course. Initially I am the one who set the budget. HeWho has never adhered to a budget in his life and all of a sudden he thinks he is the one who will mandate how much we spend.

I paused for laughter. Anyone who knows us is laughing. In other good news, my baby girl, Adrienne, and her sweet husband, Chad will be here Saturday. On their way to Tampa, they are spending just one night here, but I will take every minute I get and be thankful. It has been two years since I have been able to see them. As excited as I am, I don't think I am as excited as my sister-in-law, whose home will be the next stop on their journey. Maybe it is the fact that they can look at each other and see themselves! They look a lot alike, except that Adrienne towers over her Aunt Pam, just like she does me.

Back to the search for property, a realtor from north Georgia has been keeping an eye open for us. He stayed here awhile back and must have chatted with HeWho fancies himself to be in charge. He kept sending me listings of houses in neighborhoods. He finally called and talked to me. I don't want neighbors close by. I have lived in a fishbowl for the past 18 years and I am ready for privacy and quiet. The only sounds I want to hear are those of nature. I want to look at mountains and hear water close by.

I have a specific area for my search and am open to looking in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. None of the listings the realtor has sent interest me at all. I will just have to hunt it down myself, I suppose! Good thing I am diligent in my hunt. 

When I close my eyes at night I see pictures of properties running in a loop and over-lapping. I dream about  mountain views and babbling brooks and cabins with decks and views.

In reaction to the growing number of the Delta patients and the conflicting "advice" coming my way, I have gone to a no contact check-in procedure. The window behind my check-in desk now sports a sheet of plexi and instructions on how to get service. My new wireless door chime arrived today and I spent some time listening to all 56 of the choices. I want something to let me know someone is there, but these last so long I may lose my mind! Really annoying. I liked the one that sounded like birds chirping, just two times. I am afraid I may burst into song with some of them and then have that stuck in my mind. Just how gentle is that rain that falls softly on the meadow? And, why do I want to know?  



River said...

The Lovers Concerto is a pretty song, but I wouldn't want to be hearing it over and over every time the bell was rung. Hope you can find something you like that is short. They should offer choices like Big Ben or "Ding Dong, Avon Calling"
I hope you find what you are looking for in a new home. Good luck.

Val said...

Maybe you could use a different chime every day. Then you won't get tired of one. Run through the list. If you really want to spend more time on your chime, draw up a schedule, and use the longest ones on days when you have fewer customers, and the short ones you like better for busy weekends. Because what else could you possible have to do!

Thank goodness we were able to provide a suitable home for your emu egg so you don't have to haul it cross-country! Again, that you SO much. Hick loves it. I doubt you could find anyone who would appreciate it more.

Kathy G said...

I'm sure the right place will appear when its time. Enjoy your visit with family.

Donna. W said...

There is no other state I'd want to live in but Missouri. If I had to choose a different state, it would be Arkansas or Iowa. I used to say I'd like to live in Colorado, but with bad knees I couldn't hike on the mountains the way I had imagined, and my husband's arthritis bothers him when we get in the car to go any long distance. I guess it's a good think I love Missouri, in spite of all the crazy anti-maskers.

ellen abbott said...

oh, well, OK. I missed this one so yes you have an interested buyer! yay for that.

Joanne Noragon said...

I think about my girlfriend who moved back from GA to OH, because she was not a southern girl. I'd forget TN, too, and concentrate on the NC choice. Now that's all my advice, so I'll wait and see.