Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Day After

Thanks for all the sympathy about that screw in my leg. I was more annoyed that it slowed my progress than hurt. Oh, it hurt, but pain fades away. I am just thankful it didn't hit one of my dogs … or my knee. I suppose it is a good thing to be well padded?

Yesterday we had our Independence Day Celebration. Eddie was chosen to ride in the Golf Cart Parade. He was okay with his collar, but not all that happy about the hat. Cujo and Toni Louise were left inside. Cujo is a recluse, not happy to see other people, hates men and small children and would try to crawl up my shirt to avoid everyone. Toni L is an escape artist and would have jumped off to retrieve the candy I tossed to the children, then she would have run like the wind after yanking her leash out of my hand. We learn by experience.

I had my art work on display. My circle of stars is off balance and I will have to fix that one star. HeWho always tries to "help" wanted to cut the jagged edges off and steal the character. I told him to just stick to spilling screws on the ground for me to shoot myself with.

Another shot of my sweet Eddie looking indignant about his head gear. The only pictures I managed to take yesterday. I was not at my best. My head hurt and my leg wound was throbbing.

More of my art work. Sold none of these. Oddly enough I sold a Christmas sign. The "Dachshund Through The Snow" I see more and more doxies with campers. We had lots of canine visitors this weekend.

Signs, signs, everywhere you go. What will I paint next? Most likely I will be making new signs around the park to replace the worn ones. HeWho procrastinates has asked me several times to do this and I will as soon as he gets the plywood. We use treated wood, but it will still rot eventually. As I replace the signs, I will cut the old ones down and re-use them.

But, not today. Today I rest. Well, I might do a little mowing and weeding of gardens …. maybe.


Debby said...

Love your signs!

Val said...

I think the off-balance star adds to the character of that flag! Poor Eddie with the hat. He was a good sport!

Joanne Noragon said...

Eddie is one good looking dog! You get better, OK. Take care of that wound.

River said...

I love your signs :)
Eddie looks adorable.

Linda O'Connell said...

I guess you are at the point of saying, "Screw it!" Okay not funny. I can't imagine the pain.
Eddie is a cutie and I saw a hat like this at the $ Store and though of your fur baby.