Monday, July 1, 2019

Roses Are Red .....

The tiger lilies have taken over. This what HeWho was referring to when he told me that my roses were blooming.

Not sure why a bird would think the stand holding my asparagus fern would be a good place to build a nest. Martha, the boy cat, has easy access to this nest!

Another nest showed up inside the pot of the Boston fern. I don't know if the plant will ever be the same, but these babies are hungry! The parents get really upset when I am watering.

 Meanwhile, the nest in the peach tree also has four babies. No pictures of the ones on the security light. They have already flown away. I used to take the nest down, but they will have another round of egg laying soon.

Getting ready for the holiday weekend. Everything is red, white and blue. Flamingoes are not exempt.

I am so tired. I killed another mower. HeWho thinks I might have run out of oil. Hey, I do not do maintenance on mowers! All I know is that the self propel function quit on me. I muscled through my side yard last night, but today when I demanded that the mower be fixed, it was deemed to be beyond repair. Got a new one today.

But …. I found the George Forman grill!! I totally remember what I did, now that I found it quite by accident. When I was putting the kitchen back together, I moved some of the shelves to accommodate some very specific items. I have one shelf just the right height for my industrial size box of parchment paper. I will never run out. This box will outlive me. I also have a giant roll of aluminum foil. I made a shelf the right height for this, as well. Unlike the parchment paper this box does not take up the entire shelf.

You see where I am going with this. The George Forman fits perfectly behind the box of foil. But, it is hidden, so you would have to remember it is there when you want to use it. Mystery solved.

The remainder of the week will be a mad rush to prepare for our big celebration on Saturday. Most campers will be coming in on Thursday. And, in addition to our regular activities we will be hosting a silent auction and some other activities to benefit Kevin, my "wife".

I have opened the event up to the community to purchase day passes. Should be pretty chaotic. I will let you know.


River said...

a rose by any other name...
I'm glad you found your grill.

ellen abbott said...

the tiger lilies are beautiful! and so many bird nests and babies! I only found one nest this year and they abandoned it. still had one egg in it and the next day that was gone.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your flowers are pretty. Somethinga te my roise bush leaf by leaf destroyed it.
Hope your benefit is a huge success. Hoping for no rain. I love the red, white and blue falmingo. Frogs, too, I'll bet.

Joanne Noragon said...

An abundance of baby birds, and they seem to have avoided Martha. Keep calm and power on through your weekend of activities.

Val said...

So pretty. I didn't know they were called tiger lilies, but at least I knew they weren't roses! Some of those babies look like they're adolescents, ready to be pushed out of the nest.