Monday, July 8, 2019

JD Powers Ratings??

I was awakened at 6 this morning, like every other morning by the cold nose poking my neck. Took out the pups and then decided to sleep just one more hour. Big mistake. Woke after 9, feeling hung over from too much sleep. Joints popping from being still for too long, I dragged myself to the coffee maker and began the day.

Thanks to all my wonderful camp workers, the debris from the weekends festivities was swept away yesterday. I was free to water my plants and put my front porch back in order. We had a silent auction benefit for Kamper Kevin on Saturday and the forecast said rain. So I moved all my plants and rockers. We had a great turn out and it didn't rain after all. 

But, I was stopped in my tracks before I could get out the door to my plants. I had to fill our pill boxes. Just a necessity of life, but I needed to order some refills. You will recall that I changed over to mail order from Humana and have an ongoing problem with their service, despite the fact that they are rated #1 in customer service by JD Powers and associates. They have this boldly displayed on their website. Maybe I should enlighten JD Power and associates about my experience …...

There is a reminder on my email about a refill, so I go to the refill site. My computer blocks the site, sending the message that this is a suspicious site. Their site isn't really user friendly. You have to have your insurance card on hand and enter the same information several times.

I put the phone on speaker in order to be able to punch in the refill #'s. There is an extremely long prompt before you can do anything and no way to by-pass it. You have to listen in both English and Spanish to a recording that their wait time for a representative is extra long today and that maybe you want to wait until tomorrow. But, like most people I just want to order my refills and be done with this task. I only need 3, 2 for HeWho and 1 for me. How difficult can this be?

I tried punching in the numbers and was sent to a representative and told that the wait was longer than 5 minutes. I hang up and try again and get disconnected. I went outside and set the sprinklers and came back in. This time I spoke the numbers instead and successfully ordered the first one! Then was disconnected again. This took so long just to do that. I went out and moved the sprinklers.

The next attempt seemed to be going well. The next one was out of refills and after repeating "yes" many times I was pretty sure it was put in the que to fax the doctor. Then I ordered mine. Keep in mind that with each and every one I had to verify the number twice, the date of birth, the address and the zip code. I did all that and then a summary of my entire order was begun. All the same info had to be verified again. We made it through my refill and that is where it all went to hell.

I was transferred to a representative and told once again that my wait would be longer than 5 minutes. By now I am sure my blood pressure is up and I refuse to hang up before I see what the problem is. I also want to express how I feel about their service.

When I finally get a representative she expresses her apologies for my bad experience and says that she sees nothing "wrong" with my order. Then why did the system transfer my call to you after telling me their was a problem?????

I drag out the insurance card yet again, since the prescription # is not enough. I go through all the identifying steps again, repeating all the information for the fifth time and guess what she finds? That same outstanding $8 that has been there for months. It has supposedly been "taken care of" 3 times. She even sees that it was paid, but someone must have "forgot" to remove it.

Two hours I wasted getting the refills. It would have taken me less than a minute to punch them in on Walmart's refill line and I could pick them up tomorrow. Yes, I would have to go get them and yes, it would cost more. She assures me that she has relayed my "bad experience" to the correct department and hopes that my next experience will be better. I assured her that if my next experience was not a good one, it would be my last experience.

Set the mood for my day. 


ellen abbott said...

I use the online pharmacy connected to United Healthcare. they are always very nice and helpful except for one time when I got an idiot. Hung up and called again and got a nice lady. and I never have to give them my info over and over, just my birth date and zip code.

Joanne Noragon said...

I don't use mail order; three of my scripts are brand name only and I cannot deal with making a robot understand that.

Kathy G said...

That does NOT sound like an efficient system! I use 'on hold' time to do mindless cleaning tasks or play computer games. Makes the wait more bearable.

RunNRose said...

We get all of our prescriptions ---except the narcotics---from CaremarK, connected with Aetna. In years past, I noticed that the prescriptions would be labeled as being filled by CVS. I have nothing but good things to say about their mail service; have been using
It for years. Our prescriptions are set to "auto refill". When the prescription runs out, Caremark calls the doctor. I have had to wait a few times, but playing games makes it tolerable. And, of course, it isn't possible to be in a hurry. I don't understand why your company got such good ratings!!!

You sure do take good care of those green spaces on the campground! I noticed all that grass in the photo with the balls. Thought, Kathy keeps all that cut! Then, the post about the screw in your leg! And today, sprinklers! I KNOW those campers are not aware of how much effort you put into it!

Val said...

I am sorry for your difficulties, but I can't say I'm surprised. We can't do mail order because NOTHING gets delivered correctly here. In fact, Hick had to have his blood glucose monitor thingy replaced (every reading was 46!), and FedEx left it at another house, a half mile down the road. At least they called us to say we could pick it up, rather than throwing it away or keeping it for themselves (as if everyone is dying to have one of those).

River said...

I would choose going to get them and paying a bit more over that awful phone experience. It's a ridiculous system which they need to make easier and quicker, or you could find another system, but I wouldn't. I don't have that much patience.

Linda O'Connell said...

My husband deals with this medicine delivery stuff every month, and he goes in circles trying to explain that he has or needs a particular medication. Nobody seems to know what's going on. They refuse to fill his prescription from the doctor for 45 pills but will send him 60 if HE requests. And it is half price. Chaos is not good for we people of a certain age.

Amanda said...

I miss the days when we had humans manning the lines. I could do a reorder in less than 5 minutes. Now it takes at least 15 minutes to order a refill, because you have to keep going that entire voice mail menu Every. Single. Time. And that's if nothing is wrong. If everything isn't perfect or you have a question, it could take all morning. If you're lucky. All so they could put a few more people out of work. Now they're telling us AI is going to take everything over and things will be even more "efficient." Yeah. Right. Much more of this efficiency and nothing will get done at all.