Friday, July 19, 2019

Chivalry Is Not Dead

This week has flown by. All I seem to do is paint, clean, mow, mow and paint some more. As soon as I lock up and take care of my nightly chores, I am too tired to think. Add anything out of the routine and it throws everything off and I just try to catch up.

Not even noon and my phone has rung 15 times, and that is not counting the calls that I missed while taking a reservation and had to call back. I was mowing. I had to keep the phone next to my ear so I could hear the ring and then stop and start the mower over and over again.

HeWho taxies others to various locations was not  here when a man dressed in safety yellow came around to the back where I was mowing endless rows of grass and clover. Having to stop again did not help my mood. I only have until 11 am before I swing wide the door and click on the "OPEN" sign. I was not meeting my goal on mowing, having had to stop and walk back to the office several times. He said he had a work order to "read the meter". I have 7, so I needed another clue to let me know which one. Well he did not have a clue.

I tried to be nice, really, I did. I called HeWho is in charge of electrical problems and he seemed to think it was the man that was supposed to be there at 10 to tie in a new meter to gain more power to upgrade a row of sites to 50 amp. I showed the man where this event was to occur, but since the meter did not exist yet ….. Well, you see where this is going. I called HeWho was not in a good mood, enhancing my own mood and we growled at each other on the phone, right there in front of the yellow clad man/child there to read a meter. HeWho returned to try to determine the nature of his visit and I abandoned him in the parking lot to continue mowing mindlessly and fielding phone calls.

I was so hot when I finally mowed that last row that I stuck my head under the cold water flowing from the hose. Then I went on to clean the bathrooms and water my hanging baskets and potted plants before parking here at my desk. Feeling very unfriendly, I will have to rely on my acting skills to welcome in the week-enders. One such person has called me FOUR times with questions I have already answered, had she paid attention. This went on for about 20 minutes, she would call her daughter, then call me back. I still don't know if there are coming for sure. 

Another person keeps e-mailing me about things that could be taken care of with a single phone call. I put the phone number in every reply and encourage her to call to make the reservation. I am not sure if she thinks she has a reservation, despite the fact that I made it quite clear that she would need to secure the reservation with either a credit card # or a deposit. 

The new mailbox. I know the frog looks like a mad frog scientist. I used a green that was too dark, so I added the lily pad and then the white around the upper body and he looks like he is being electrecuted. But I am done and he will have to deal with his circumstance. The snowplow hit our existing box last winter and although HeWho has a hammer knocked it back into shape the door is wonky and won't close completely. Finally, I remembered to get another!

Made a new sign for the dog park. Maybe whimsical will help. I bought 11 bags of mulch on clearance for $1.58 a bag at Walmart after my second tumor removal event with the dermatologist. I was numb into my hair line, but I still made a stop for mulch. So it was my lucky day to find it on sale. A nice man loaded the pallet on a forklift and loaded my car! 

So, yesterday I pulled my car over to the dog park to unload a few bags and mulch around the hostas under the tree, behind the bench in the shade. Next thing I know, kamper Craig is right there unloading the bags for me. Chivalry is not dead! He went on to take the robot out of the pool and ready it for swimmers and I pulled grass and weeds and started mulching. I clipped some low limbs and HeWho happened that way loaded them up and hauled them away. Craig joined me again and we put down weed barrier and ended up using all 11 bags of mulch and needed more! I forgot to take a picture and sat on the bench and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a good 5 minutes. It is really nice there on that bench that kamper DJ cut the seat to look like a milk bone years ago.

All things considered, life is good and my mood has lifted! 


dkzody said...

Your mailbox is so wonderful. I sat here and laughed like a maniac when I saw it.

Val said...

Your frog is the amphibian Einstein, and I love your poop!

Joanne Noragon said...

Your chivalrous kampers are wonderful.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Chivalry a word that saddly some do not know or understand the meaning of

RunNRose said...

Yes, chivalry is a good thing. I seem to benefit from it a lot more since my hair turned really white. Glad that you had the help you needed without the age factor! I, too, laughed at your frog. Your description made the frog even cuter, Your lawnkeeping abilities paired with your painting talent is a great combination. And, you're a fun writer to boot!

River said...

Love the mailbox. I hope the Poop Fairy sign works, here in Australia, NOT picking up after your dog is an offence and you can be fined, but many people still don't do the right thing, probably because they realise they'd have to be caught-in-the-act, there's no other way to identify who left what where.
It's nice that you got help with the mulch etc and had five minutes to calm down and think a bit.