Friday, July 26, 2019

Frogs and Phones

Phone etiquette seems to be non-existen nowadays Makes me almost prefer the robot voice that is a constant. Today I got a live voice on the phone. I answered with the name of my business as I always do, unless I see the name of someone I know pop up on the screen.

The voice on the other end of the phone was talking so fast in a sing song voice that I missed half of what she said. I get a lot of calls about the residents here in my park, to verify a physical address or a credit reference. They will usually let me know if a call is forthcoming. If they don't tell me that someone will calling, I don't give that information out. Could be a scam.

So, when this person called, she was looking for HeWho is the main resident. She repeatedly mispronounced our name and talked faster than I do. I could not get a word in. Then she yelled at me! Demanding to know if I know "this individual". I very calmly said, "you have called the reservation desk at Kan-Do Kampground" to which she responded (still yelling), "How was I supposed to know that? That is not how you answered the phone!" I said, "Yes, it is how I answered the phone." and she kept insisting loudly that it was not. I hung up.

It put me in a bad frame of mind. Like I would have enjoyed spitting in her face. Childish, you say? Yes, I agree. So I did the next best thing. I called the number back and asked for a superviser. Then I told on her!! 

My good mood has been restored! I am enjoying some ice cold watermelon for lunch and waiting for the paint to dry on three signs. It is time to replace the signs in the park. I finished the big 4' X 8' sign that directs you down this road and it has been hung. I was hoping to salvage at least a portion of the old sign to make smaller signs with, but it was too weathered. The new 4' X 4' sign for the entrance is almost ready and the new STOP sign is waiting to be put in place. 

For the STOP sign I used a 30" square of plywood and measured out the four flat sides, then had HeWho cut the corners to create the octagon. Painted it with 3 coats of red paint, then lettered it and painted the letters white outlined in black. I have some smaller signs, but I want to replace them all with big ones. I am adding "watch for bicycles" below all the STOP signs.

The "street signs" all need to be replaced. The original ones I made are on the small side, so I will be using bigger ones with bigger letters. Bullfrog Blvd is the main road that circles the park. Ribbit Road and Frog Hollow branch off. Another undeveloped road circles the park wider out than Bullfrog Blvd. That one has been called Toadstool Trail. But now that we have an actual trail, I want to change that name. Maybe I should have a contest for a new road name. Just has to be about frogs.

I am thinking frogs would have better phone etiquette than the woman I talked to!


RunNRose said...

Good for you! She needed to be "told on"! That phrase made me hear again the voices of my siblings from decades ago. The loud, drawn out refrain, "I'm GONNNA TEEEEELLLLL"! Wonder if kids today still say that. Probably. I hope that rude person got a good chewing out.
Cute names of the roads in Kan Do Kampground. May you have a good weekend.

Val said...

I bet the revenge was sweeter than the watermelon!

River said...

I like that you called her supervisor, she obviously needs more training. I didn't know you could name your own trails, I hope you get some great idea from others.

Linda O'Connell said...

When those obnoxious phone scammers call, I give it right back and speak gibberish to them.
When I hear the word supervisor or manager I think of fast food restaurants where the managers are as young and as bad as the counter people. Hope your weekend is great.

dkzody said...

I have a suggestion for your road name--Leapfrog Ridge or Leapfrog Lane