Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Life Goes On

Still tired from my drive home from Minnesota, I had to jump right in and help get the grass mowed and all the other things that are routine chores.

The trip home took ten and a half hours. Usually a 9 hour trip, I hit rain in Des Moines and had to slow a bit. Not heavy rain, I was making good time until I turned onto Hwy 36. I stopped for a bathroom break and had just gotten back on the road when the sky opened. I had to slow down to 30, then 20 as it got worse. Semi's passed my little car and I had the unsetting feeling of being under water! I finally made it to Hwy 63 and the rain let up a bit, then finally quit altogether. By then my shoulders and back were hurting from leaning forward, trying to see the road.

I have to say it was worth every minute of driving to see my kids. I had the most pleasant visit with all of them. I stayed at my baby girl's house and she provided me with not only a bed, but a dog to sleep with! Max (or the puppy called Max, as the late Wall-e referred to him) loves me. He must sense that I am the person to save him from a box of pups headed to the pound! He stayed by my side for two days, then decided I had enough of his love and went back to sleeping with my grandson.

Layla, the graduate, had a fabulous party filled with people unknown to me, so I mostly watched her interact with her friends. But, I did meet her boyfriend before I left. I interrogated him. Just wanted to make sure he deserved my granddaughter as a girlfriend. My oldest daughter (mom of Layla) and I went out for supper, just the two of us. I only had a brief visit with her twin brother, but it was a good one.

Having satisfied my hunger for my own children, I spent some quality time with the graduate's big brother. We weeded and talked and weeded some more. Trimmed a few trees and raked up all the debris. He mowed and I continued weeding. When I left, that yard was in great shape. It is so fun to spend time with adult grandchildren. They grab your heart when they are tiny and then do it all over again when they are all grown up.

So, yesterday, I was still in my happy place when someone tried they level best to ruin my day. Wasn't camp ground related. Someone I thought I knew quite well. Turns out I had totally misjudged this person and their capacity to spin tales for no other reason than to hurt others. I am humbled to report that HeWho had always seen this person for what they are.

That will be the exception that proves the rule, HeWho getting it right. After a day of worry and a sleepless night, I have decided to just feel sorry for this person who seems to love drama and retaliation. I did not respond to the person in question and do not intend to. 

Life goes on ….


Val said...

You have pleasant memories of your trip, and hope that HeWho may one day approach the level of rightness of a stopped clock. You and your four-legged family are reunited. Forget about the other stuff.

RunNRose said...

I am so glad you enjoyed your trip and made good memories. Don't' give a troublemaker the satisfaction of taking away your joy.
Just stay focused on the good in your world. That other stuff doesn't really matter.

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm still enjoying your pleasure in your visit. My sister once awarded me that dubious honor of reading some one's character way before she did. I told her she's just too nice, sometimes.

Mary said...

Remember the wise words of that songwriter sage Taylor Swift, "Shake it off".

ellen abbott said...

oh yes. sudden revelations about how stupid you've been. been there and done that.