Saturday, June 1, 2019

Just Paint It On

 I have always wanted to plant something in this wishing well that would flow over the sides to the ground. I have tried various plants and never succeeded. So I just painted it. 

I still planted a sweet potato vine with great hope. I am thinking that maybe a bumble bee or a butterfly should round out things. And a frog. Always need a frog.

I painted all my big pots this year. Red white and blue. You can't really see, but the frogs are wearing tiny overalls in red, white and blue. The little seedings are a mystery. I can't remember what I planted.

The pool is open now and I find myself extremely busy once again. The season is off to a big start!


Linda O'Connell said...

Love it! And the planters are so cute in red white and blue. Hope that storm bypasses you. Enjoy the weekend.

Val said...

Tiny frog overalls??? I'm about to lose consciousness from sweetness overload!

River said...

The wishing well looks lovely, painting it was a great idea. Love the little frogs :)