Sunday, July 14, 2019

Password Protected

We have been having wi-fi issues. I have to be able to access the campground e-mail site and that is about all I have had the patience to do. Facebook is okay, but every time I try to read a blog I get an error message - 404, not found. Then sometimes it will block the site and indicate that there is "suspicious" activity.

What is suspicious activity and why have all the bloggers I follow been doing it? On occasion, I will be able to read someone's post and go backwards from there for a time until it cuts me off. This is not acceptable.

HeWho pretends to know things purchased a different system on which to distribute our wi-fi signal. We (me and him) have a private address that requires a password. The rest of the people in the park have a different password (it is our phone number). Oh, was that a secret? I doubt it could remain secret, as I freely give that information to those checking in. It was chosen because it is easy to remember.

The private password is so private that I do not know it. He did tell me, but it has all these complicated upper case, numbers and symbols. I doubt he could tell you what it is. I don't know why he comes up with this stuff. My passwords are not so simple anyone could figure them out (like 12345, or ABCDE), but they do correspond with something significant to me. HeWho, however seems to have just randomly hit some keys on the computer and …. viola, a password has been born.

Nothing exciting has happened since my last posting here. It would be hard to get more exciting than having the mower shoot me in the leg with a philips head screw. I did have a procedure done by the dermatologist. I have had this pea sized bump on my forehead for many years. I refer to it as my third eye. Now that I have Medicare, I can have things like that taken care of.

I was longing for a Dr. Pimple Popper experience. She always shows the product of her efforts to the patient and lets them touch it and hold it if they desire. This was not to be. I had to act like a patient and not participate. First they examined it with a light and magnifying apparatus (I want one). He told me it had a good blood supply with several vessels tangled there. I don't know why I needed to know that. Then he told me they would simply "shave" it off so that I would not be left with an indentation in my forehead. 

Then he told me he suspected it was cancer, but that the good news was that it was basal cell and not melanoma. Okay. After a good numbing, the slicing began and I left the office with a tiny circle of a bandaid and went on my way, after being told that I would get a call in about two weeks.

That was just this past Wednesday, so imagine my surprise when I got a call on Friday. When I noticed the call was from the clinic on caller ID, I assumed the news would not be good news. I was wrong, well, sort of. No cancer cells. But …. he didn't get it all out. He had told me that he didn't get it all out before I left the office, so I already knew that. He told me what it was, a fibro something, but he said it too fast and the store was full of people talking. It will grow back. Oh goody.

He offered options. I can let it heal and grow back and then have it removed again, or I can go back to his clinic and he will "take a curette and scrape it out". I really wish he was not so graphic when he speaks. Couldn't he just say he will remove the remaining tissue. Now I have to visualize the procedure and imagine scraping noises against my bones!! Of course I opted for completing the task and not having to deal with the same issue in the future. I will be presenting myself for a good scraping out next Wednesday. I can hardly wait.


Val said...

ACK! I cringed at reading about "shaving" it off, then came to the horror of THE SCRAPING! Please allow me to share that when my mom had a growth cut off her cheek, in front of her ear, she felt no pain, but said it sounded like the doctor was sawing through leather.

Joanne Noragon said...

I guess better now than who knows when or what. Good luck.

River said...

A big relief to know it isn't cancer, but having it be able to grow back is disappointing. I have neighbours here who have had skin cancers removed from their faces and they are left with a deepish hole that eventually slowly grows to close itself. It's not a pretty sight. I hope your scraping doesn't result in a mini crater and heals very quickly.

Linda O'Connell said...

Ugh about the scraping. Hubby is going this morning tohave something looked at.
I keep getting Suspicious site when I click on blogs, too. I just bypass it if I know the person. Enjoy the cool day, weekend weather is going to be an oven.

ellen abbott said...

I had one of those on my nose. she cut it off but like you didn't get it all and I had to go back. she put two tiny little stitches in and you can't tell where it was.