Sunday, April 7, 2019

Losing My Grill

I am happy to be home. My own bed, my husband and my furry pals awaited my return. It is always good to be home.

The weather is great. I spent the day outside with all my potted plants. I trimmed and pinched and replanted and watered. In between I occasionally pulled a weed or two .... or maybe more. I painted an old chandelier and hung humming bird feeders from it. I cleaned all the debris left in the store from storing all those plants for the winter.

I am tired now, pleasantly so. The store has been closed for the day and I can finally sit down. The potatoes are baking. the salad is done. Only thing left is to cook the steaks. Just one little problem.

You will all recall my last adventure when I undertook the painting and rearranging of my kitchen cabinets. Everything is back in place. But I seem to have lost my Geoge Foreman grill. It is sizable enough that one would think it would be hard to lose. I have searched the house over and cannot locate it. HeWho plumbs is laying new sewer pipe and I was just going to toss the steaks on it. It is quick and easy. Or it would be if I could find it.

It is not the small model. It is the bigger one. Not easy to tuck away in a hidden corner. Bigger than a bread box. I looked in all the areas that I put the stuff I took out of the cabinets. I even looked in my bedroom and my sewing room. I can't find it. HeWho looked while he was in here, working on the theory that it was probably right in my line of vision and I still couldn't see it.

I asked the dogs! I feel like I am losing my mind. The thing didn't just get up and walk away. I am now resigned to walking all the way to the grill on the pavillion next to the pool and grill my steaks there. In public. Where I can easily be seen and talked to. I am ready to sit in utter silence and do not relish the idea of sharing my quiet time.

You know what they say about the best laid plans.


Joanne Noragon said...

Pretty hard to lose, a grill that size. Let us know where it turns up.

Val said...

Maybe your wife Kevin borrowed it while you were away?

River said...

You need a T-shirt that says "go away-don't talk to me"
I hope you find your grill.

Friko said...

You’re funny, I like that. Life can be so grim that any bit of humour is welcome.

Linda O'Connell said...

I lost all my frying pans once. A week later I found them in my hall closet where I had hid them when we had a holiday gathering and not enough cabinet space. Let me tell you, I was accusing him of messing with me and my pans.