Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Investigation Continues

Two days in a row, I have left the house to do errands. No snuggle time on my new mini sectional while sipping my coffee. The dogs, not HeWho rushes out to procure his McDonald's breakfast. I prefer to sip my coffee in relative silence and the dogs have yet to start a morning conversation.

Yesterday, the dogs were not particularly happy with the prospect of my departure, but brave and stoic. After all, those special little dog treats and toys do not arrive by magic. This morning was a different story. I had a clinic appointment at 8:45. I allowed just enough time for a short cup of coffee before jumping in the shower and giving my short tresses more that a finger comb. Put on make-up as well. No need to frighten the locals.

Toni Louise cares little about my whereabouts unless there is food involved. She has made her choice abundantly clear that she prefers the company of HeWho lets her eat out of his plate at times. Oh, he will yell and put up a big fuss, but she still gets what she wants. I keep telling him that he has to establish himself as the alpha, but he has waited far too long for that.

Toni Louise is the alpha here with the dogs. Wall-E hates confrontations and Cujo is and always will be only obedient to me. He could care less about her and simply avoids her. Eddie, charming though he may be, has begun to challenge her. He is brave and determined.

This morning, three sets of eyes stared accusingly at me as I gathered my purse, keys and glasses as I prepared to depart. I told Eddie that he could be in charge while I was gone (it was his turn anyway). I saw the nurse practitioner and she was very happy about my blood pressure and my weight. I only gained about 4 lbs over the winter. That should be easy enough to sweat off when I am mowing. I left them with some of my blood and a referral for a dermatologist and decided to see what Orschlein's  might have in the way of plants.

I may have gotten a little carried away, but I had cash and without a money trail to follow, HeWho will never notice more plants in my gardens and hanging baskets. Came home with a few good buys from the grocery and proceeded to repackage the meats for the freezer and put away everything. I was told that I should be eating better, since I tend to forget meals when I am involved in the garden. I downed my pills with a big glass of orange juice and ate some grapes. Good eating!

Then I decided to sit down and check my e-mails before going out to play in some potting soil. I did mention that my mini sectional is new. So new that I used my quilt of many doxies at play and covered it. Many (two) doxies sit with me after all. I thought I might be in for retaliation when I left this morning. Wall-E carefully avoided me when I returned and two little doxies were anxious to go out. Toni Louise stood proudly in the middle of the kitchen and peed in the floor. She seemed oblivious to my scolding and simply went to her self made bed under the table by her master's chair and plopped down. She thinks we can't see her when she goes under this table. She sat calmly licking her feet while I berated her.

I know that by now you are aware that something bad happened to my new mini sectional purchased from Wayfair (they had just what I needed) with a heather gray tone upholstery. One of the dogs moved the quilt I had tucked neatly on the seat and vomited on my new mini sectional from Wayfair.

It is not even a month old!! Of course I cleaned it and have high hopes that it will not leave a stain. But I will always know. What I don't know is which dog did this atrocity to my new mini sectional with the gray upholstery. Oh, I have interrogated each dog separately. I am leaning heavily towards Toni Louise, but Cujo seemed a little guilty, as well. I always know when Wall-e is guilty. He has a tell. He squints his eyes and scrunches his head down into his chest, making him look like he has no neck. Eddie, the charmer, becomes overly affectionate. Yes, it was definitely Toni Louise or Cujo.

The investigation continues ….


Val said...

NOOOOO!!! I hate to point a finger at Toni Louise, who is a doppelganger for my Sweet, Sweet Juno... but that defiant peeing makes me think she's the culprit. And isn't it easier for her to jump up on your new mini-sectional with the gray upholstery than for Cujo? Still, Toni Louise probably doesn't miss you as much as Cujo. Was the vomit in an amount more suited to Toni Louise's stomach capacity, or Cujo's?

Joanne Noragon said...

What a bummer. Brand new and everything.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Keep investigating but I suspect it will be Toni Louise

RunNRose said...

I don't think you will ever determine who is the guilty party. I hope your new couch isn't damaged too much. I'll bet you are going to cover it more tightly now, I have to smile when I remember all those years ago when we expected our beagle to stay off the furniture. When we would come in we would find the couch warm where he had been. We'd scold, and ask him how come it was warm. Now, in our old age, we just accept that the dogs live here, too, and we make no attempt to keep them off. I did buy a stack of flannel sheets on sale to try to minimize any accidents that might happen. Meanwhile, innocent until proven guilty, and that is a difficult case to prove!!

River said...

I only have one pet so if there's any vomit anywhere I know it's Lola. She does take care to vomit only on washable surfaces though, like the floor or the painted windowsill. I'm wondering why though? Don't you leave them on a regular basis so they always know you're coming back?

luksky said...

I've never experienced any dog vomiting on my furniture, but one time when my daughter was little she vomited all over my brand new sofa the same night we got it. It was awful.