Monday, March 4, 2019

Progress Is Slow

The cabinet with no doors. Still looking pretty rough, but I did get the pieces of bead board in and painted. It will need another coat, some trim at the top and, of course, the plate rack. Then the outer edges need to be framed. 

As I have mentioned before, my helper is, um ….. less than enthusiastic. I wanted him to either leave or cut my trim pieces yesterday. He left the saw in here and I have hidden it. Do not tell him. Yesterday we woke to a thick blanket of snow. We sat in front of the TV all day long. Well, he did. I cooked and washed dishes and did some general picking up. 

This morning I asked for his help, stating that we had both had a nice day off. He agreed, but said that he had a busted pipe to fix first. This involved a trip to town for a part, but only after his breakfast. I showered and started my day with laundry and more sorting and cleaning up of various containers of screws and nails and off pieces of notes. I even found a checkbook in one old coffee can.

Last time I was in Minnesota I purchased a pot lid rack. It only cost $7. It is expandable and looks like brushed nickel. Came in a small box and I put it together with ease and there it sat, holding lids. HeWho procrastinates had told me to just order another one and use it. I was not opposed to that idea, but the delivery fee starts at $9. I am not going to pay that! We all know I am cheap. But, I put the pot lids in the cabinet and stole the lid holder and put my plates in it.

It only holds 6 plates and I have 8, but it looks just like I wanted it to look. I had already painted the shelves that were removed. Had I left them in the cabinet, the plates would not have fit. But, I still wanted the shelves up. I used some "L" shaped brackets and measured carefully and installed them. The added bead board made them tight!

After a little touch up paint, I loaded the dishes in. I am quite pleased with my handiwork. I had to use my purple hammer to coax the shelves into place. I need another pot lid holder to put the smaller plates in. I love these dishes. HeWho gave them to me for Christmas years ago and I rarely use them, as they are quite heavy. But I love the colors and patterns.

Here is my coke bottle storage system in the laundry/equipment room. I still have some that are empty, but I like the system. Some hooks are holding more than one bottle. I will be adding more peg board soon. Just have to find an empty wall …...

One of my kampers asked me to paint this bust of a Native American. It was raw white and I have nothing much to go on except a picture sent to me. Thank goodness for Google and Pinterest. I hope they like it. I wanted to take it to them, but found out that they were both sick. I can wait for them to be well. 

I am feeling good about finally getting something finished. I should sleep well tonight. I still have the lower cabinets, and there are more of them!


River said...

The finished cabinet looks great, but it does look like getting those plates out would be a bit awkward with the shelf above being so close.
The Indian looks terrific.

dkzody said...

As I've said before, you are so talented. Your work looks great.

Val said...

You are amazing! Three different examples of your talent on display here! They all look fantastic.

RunNRose said...

Wow, you are one creative lady! I LOVE the dishes, and you certainly found a good way to show them off. I am wondering, your
Coke bottle storage system is fantastic. My question? Will everything STAY organized? We spent a fortune buying our son-in-law the best tool cabinets. Do you think anything is ever in there where it belongs?? Finding even a screwdriver is impossible. Now, if YOU are the main user of the bottles, different story. Great job on the Indian. You have certainly earned the right to feel proud of yourself and to sleep well.

ellen abbott said...

the cabinets look great. and that's a very clever storage system you've got there.

Linda O'Connell said...

Like the progress you are making and can certainly relate to wanting waffles and being stuck on the floor. I have to roll to rise. Love those dishes!