Monday, November 17, 2014

Making Beds

Cold weather is here. I am here in my tiny space with the wood stove and the TV. Haven't been able to access the internet for any amount of time for the past few days. I will read a post, then make a witty observation in the comment section ..... and lose the connection. See a good sale on-line and decide to peruse it, maybe load a cart (to edit later before actually purchasing anything) and suddenly lose it all.

Who knows how long it will allow me today. Will I finish this thought? Will I finish this post? Will it be saved? Will I actually publish this post? So many questions I ask myself.

If you know me and have read this blog for any amount of time, you will know that I am approaching my 40th wedding anniversary. A milestone. You will also know that for those last 40 years, I have never been a part of buying process of any vehicles. If it rolls on wheels, I am left out of the entire process. Not even a wheel barrow have I chosen.

Nothing has changed. In my absence, He Who Buys Vehicles, did buy another ..... for me. While it was my suggestion that we have at our disposal a means of traveling with our canine contingent in tow, I had been thinking of a small, lightweight travel trailer that could easily be pulled with my Jeep. Not a pop-up, mind you. I am definitely NOT a pop-up king of gal. But I have seen some really well designed small travel trailers that would suffice. And .... would work well when we have visitors. Though tiny, it would be better than standing in line in my living quarters at the only bathroom.

Did he purchase a tiny trailer? No, he bought a Class C motorhome. An older model. I asked about the condition of this unit and was regaled with information about tire treads and engine quality. I wanted to know what the inside looked like. He texted a photo of the exterior. Once again, I was gifted with a vehicle, never having seen the interior.

Though dated, the interior is in excellent condition. Clean and well cared for. I like the layout. Even without any slides, it feels roomy enough. My only real objection would be the tiny double bed I am expected to sleep upon with him. We have a king and sleeping on a queen is hard. Could be the four dogs and cat that sleep with us .......

I have used my insomniac hours to plan and scheme how to enlarge the bed. I have an idea. It will require removing an 8" cabinet on one side of the bed. The mattress will be right against the wall and be difficult to put sheets on, but well worth the additional space. I wish to be nesting my new digs, but the weather is keeping me close to my fire.

I did take a solo trip around my park with my new vehicle and feel okay piloting it. I drove our 40' Class A only once. He Who Likes Speed was in the passenger seat and was annoying me with his advice, so I pulled over and gave the wheel back to him. I do better when on my own and the "new" one is only 27' long.

We will headed south on Thanksgiving Day with my Jeep in tow. We will pick up My son, Jeff and my sweet granddaughter, Jada in Atlanta the day after Thanksgiving and head to my dad's. They will only be there until Sunday afternoon, so we have lots of stuff to cram into a small window of time.

I have to re-build my bed area and get the other two sleeping areas dressed for my visitors. As I sit here writing, I keep glancing out my window to see the snow swirling in what looks like a very strong wind ...... Not looking good for loading in the necessities.


Joanne Noragon said...

It sounds like a manageable adventure vehicle. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Val said...

I can't wait to see pictures, and hear tales of this upcoming trip. Hope your internet straightens itself out. I have been living high on the medium-speed hog since dumping Sprint and going with DISH.

Linda O'Connell said...

Sounds like you are bound for an adventure and well equipped. Have fun!