Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'll Be Watching You!

Finally! I have been deprived of the internet for two days!! Withdrawal was painful, let me tell you! I had to rely on the TV and audio books for all my entertainment.

I have emptied my spam (186!) and replied to all pertinent e-mails and even perused a couple of previews to Black Friday. I have decided what I am going to request for my 40th anniversary. I can't tell you here. He Who tows and mows also reads this from time to time. When I say I am making a request, I really mean that I am planting the seed to make him think it was his idea. That should give him pause for thought.

So, as the season is officially over, we have started the winter-time chores. One of them is to close down the satellite bath house. I made a sign to proclaim the closing of such. We all know how much I like signs and painting. Only problem is .... I can't seem to locate my sign. I think I will just paint up another one, though. That will assure me that the original will turn up and let's face it, the more signs the better.

All my seasonal campers know that we shut down the bath house for the winter. They all know there is no water rushing through the pipes. And, even though no sign was in evidence, the doors were locked. That would certainly be a clue, wouldn't you think? That and the fact that the weather has presented us with some below freezing nights.

But, no, it was not enough. The lady's room and the men's room were both broken into and all 4 toilets contained solid waste. Note how I managed
to word this without using the word I said when I found out about the invasion.

So nice to discover such things. Makes me sit here and wonder who is responsible for this vandalism. Was it someone who hates me and they were being vindictive? If so, how did they manage to violate all four toilets? Was it a gang event? Or was it the same one, returning four separate times?

Inquiring minds (well, mine) want to know. All I can say is that our army of security cameras continues to grow. No, silly, not inside the facilities! Outside the doors. Be fore-warned, phantom pooper, I will be watching!


Joanne Noragon said...

Your reports on human nature make me sad.

Val said...

This reminds me of that old saying:

"Every closed-for-the-season campground has its pooper!"

joanne said...

phantom pooper, dogs leaving poop under the fall leaves, there seems to be a war on of luck to ya.

Linda O'Connell said...

People will always find a way to aggravate you. Hope you can curl up under a warm blanket and relax.

ellen abbott said...

you'd think the first toilet that didn't flush would give them a clue.