Thursday, March 27, 2014

Who Let The Dogs Out?

He who procrastinates has picked another project to procrastinate upon. Last fall we had a magnificent wind blow part of the privacy fence down, popping the posts off at ground level. This fence is the fence that keeps our dogs inside the yard and safe. Makes my life livable. Just open the back door and let the canine children out to do their business.

Without this, I have to attach leads to harnesses or collars, then take 4 dogs out to weave the leads through my legs (ouch) and generally make me crazy. This fence is a necessity. With that in mind, He Who spends more money attempting to "fix" something with his imaginative solutions that he would if he simply did it right the first time, made a repair. 

His wife (that would be me) saw the problem and said, "Don't you need the auger to dig new holes and reset new posts?" Yes, but no. He had a better idea. He purchased those spiky metal posts that would be used to support a wire fence. He drove these into the ground next to the existing broken posts and attached them to the broken posts and put the panels back up. His wife (me) looked at this "solution" with raised eyebrow. "Will this hold the weight of the fence?" He Who did not want to dig new holes was full of assurances.

Those green metal posts are now twisted and convoluted. The wife (once again, me) had also suggested that the gate be moved to the north side of the fence, since the wind usually blows east and west. The gate has been a problem for the entire 10 years. A simple latch will not hold it. Despite the fact that I did not want a gate big enough to allow a vehicle to enter, the gate is double wide. To secure the gate, I was forced to use cement blocks on both sides.

The wind has knocked this section of fence down more times than I can count since the initial blow down. For five months ...... I have to look before I open the door. Sometimes I am lured into a sense of false security and I will open the door and discover that the fence is down too late to stop Toni Louise from escape.

Since Spring is toying with us and giving a hint of warm days to come, He Who finally recognizes defeat has been talking about the fence. He Who is wise in such matters (or, so he claims), has decided that he should relocate the gate to the north side and dig new holes for posts. Wonder how he came up with that? He dug the holes and there they sat for a week. He finally set the new posts in cement. They stand proud and strong, those new posts. The fence is still rigged up in a temporary state, a gaping hole has some old fence wire stretched across and another route of escape has a piece of lattice. So lovely, my non-privacy fence.

Yesterday, while holding a load of wet laundry in my arms, I opened the back door. On my way to hang the laundry in the warmish wind blowing, I called out to my dogs. They like to accompany me outside ........ I did not check first, since the last time He Who had to rush home to help catch a dog and fix a fence, proclaimed, "This won't blow down!!!". I beg to differ, as I see it laying there.  Toni Louise gained access to freedom. Wall-E, the wonder dog followed, ignoring my command to "STOP". Oscar, the blind dog was still clueless and Cujo fell to the ground and rolled over, waiting for me to come get him.

The wet laundry fell to the floor and as I rushed to get the one dog that obeyed me when I yelled "STOP", I tripped on one of the many dog toys littering the yard. I did not fall, no, I did not. But I caught myself with bad shoulder arm. I heard a "pop" and I felt the now familiar burn.

No time to waste, I grab an ice pack and put it one the shoulder and head to the front door. Hoping that my escapees have simply come to the front to surprise me. I text the fence fixer. The dogs are not at my front door, so I go out and call for them.

"Mommy has treats" I call over and over. They know me too well. They also know they ignored me when I told them to stop and that will not result in a reward. Nowhere to be seen, my two naughty dogs. I get in my Jeep and drive slowly through the park. Toni thinks it is a lark to hop into my car. Wall-E is a follower and will jump in with her. No sign of my dogs.

A big bobcat was seen sauntering through the park not long ago, so my fear for my dogs made me forget about the pain in my shoulder. I made a full circle and arrived back to the front and guess who was waiting at the front door? Toni Louise greets me and jumps around, wagging her tail. Wall-E is subdued and trying to be as far in the background as possible.

The fence is back up again and promises have been made. The wind is downright scary today and hail is expected. It will be interesting to see the fence fall again. The ice seemed to do the trick on the shoulder, a good thing, in case I need to chase dogs today.  


Sandi McBride said...

You mean you haven't loaded your gun yet to threaten he whose promises mean little?

Joanne Noragon said...

Has it been mentioned you are the saint of tolerance.

ellen abbott said...

any time I want my husband to do something, after mentioning that the something needs to be done and isn't getting done, is to just start doing it myself. usually, he will come out and take over but if he doesn't then I just continue on. it gets done one way or the other. I realize that's not an option for you with your bad shoulder. hope that 'pop' didn't set back your recovery much.

Linda O'Connell said...

Do they ever learn...dogs or men? Hope your shoulder eases up.

Kathy G said...

Here's to nice weather and fixed fences!

Val said...

"Who can take a fence post, replace it with a rod...look the other way when it rips out of the sod? The Handy Man can, the Handy Man can!

Oh. Wait. I think that song was about the CANDY Man. Never mind.

Brian Miller said...

yikes...i hope the shoulder is alright...and sorry, it takes us guys a little bit to admit defeat...smiles...