Monday, March 17, 2014

Kenmore, Rest In Peace

My old Kenmore refrigerator finally bit the dust this weekend and has been laid to rest. It still cools and freezes, just fine. It was a side by side with ice maker and water dispenser and was top of the line 22 years ago. It served me well until He Who loves all things new and electronic bought for me a brand new Samsung brushed nickel (I wanted stainless .....) bottom freezer, mammoth taker of space for my 50th birthday. Such a romantic, my guy. There are so many things wrong with this idea as a gift. I won't go into that right now.

Samsung displaced Kenmore, delegating it to the 3 car garage that only one vehicle managed to park in. There it sat until we moved to the campground.
Filled with cans of soda (pop) and whatever didn't fit in Samsung. We moved Samsung into our new abode and it dwarfed the tiny kitchen space. Kenmore sat unplugged and unloved in the barn.

Samsung was only two years old when the internal thermometer failed. No amount of cajoling could make Samsung obey my commands. I could turn the temp down, but the thermometer would override me and reset. Much food spoiled and had to tossed. He Who bought the mammoth Samsung was loathe to give it up, though and would tinker away and announce it to be "fixed". When looking for the necessary part needed to fix it, he decided it would be cheaper to "just go buy a new one".

I insisted that he go fetch Kenmore. Poor Kenmore was in sad cosmetic shape, so I bought appliance paint and gave her a makeover. That was 8 years ago. The only thing wrong was that the pins in the wall of the fridge that held the veggie crispers had come out. One of them. I made it work. It was a matter of placement of heavier items on one side. Occasionally someone besides me would come along and redistribute the weight and things would happen, but I could always fix it. Not long ago, two mores pins failed and I could no longer balance it. I couldn't even shut the door unless I removed the crisper drawers. I could only have one drawer with no cover.

We never hooked up the ice maker, our water is too hard and scaly, so why even bother. I always felt that the ice maker and ice bin took up valuable real estate in my freezer anyway, so I had been trolling Craigslist for a replacement. I just wanted a reliable replacement, no ice maker, or anything extra.

Without the top of the crisper drawer my lettuce and celery froze ..... not good. We found one this weekend. There is an ice maker, but not like the huge one that dispensed through the door. And ...... it just happens to be another Kenmore, only two years old!

I tried to convince He Who Hoards that we should bury old Kenmore in the ground to use as a root cellar. He didn't like my idea .... or maybe he did, but didn't want to dig the hole ....


Kathy G said...

I hope your new refrigerator is all you want it to be, but based on my experience I suspect it won't last as long as the original one

Val said...

Ode to the Sears Kenmore. Top of the line according to my dad. He bought me a washer and dryer when I moved out on my own. The dryer is still kickin', but the washer was replaced on a whim by my husband, with a Whirlpool. I hate the Whirlpool. I long for my old Kenmore, with only one working setting, loyal for 26 years, even surviving a basement flood up to her waist after a PVC male adapter fitting accident.

ellen abbott said...

We finally replaced out old refrigerator when the door fell off. Losing one hinge wasn't bad enough. We could still open it and get it closed. But when the other hinge failed well, that was that.

Linda O'Connell said...

When ours went kaput, HE went out and bought one. It has NO door handles. Arthritic hand has a hard time yanking that thing open. But, he meant well.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the demise of a refrigerator brings a terrible sadness. Although it is white, and I would prefer harvest gold to go with the rest of the kitchen, I really like our Kitchen Aid. And, like you, I have no need for an ice maker so we took that out of this one for more freezer space.

A problem for us is finding a refrigerator small enough for our tiny kitchen.