Sunday, March 23, 2014

I Hear It Is Spring ....

Wondering what I have been up to? Not wondering? I am going to share anyway. Spring is here (on the calendar anyway). Even though it might freeze again this week, I know it is here.

How do I know? Well, Friday was wonderful, balmy and warm. I was in my favorite flip flops, one brown and one black, thanks to Toni Louise and her chewing stage. I am just thankful to have a right and a left. But, I digress. I know it is Spring because a car full of people clad in swimsuit attire pulled into my parking lot and stared longingly at the pool. I was outside examining the tiny green shoots and tree buds. They put down the window and asked "When will the pool be open?"

I even have a witness, in case you think I may be exaggerating. Yes, let the season begin. My blood pressure remains higher than it should be and I wonder what the coming season will bring .....

Never mind that. I decided to give the store/office a face lift. Sherry, the taxidermist, obtained a gallon of "oops" paint for me and helped me burlap the front of the registration desk. I was still not very mobile with the shoulder, but boredom took over and I tackled the painting one wall at a time. The previously black trim boards are now a nice beige and the walls in between are white-washed.

The cute little book shelf unit was given (forced upon me) to me. Martha knew I would find a good use. And, we all know that Martha is one savvy lady!

After painting one set of windows and cleaning them, I wanted to cry about the next set ....... but ..... they are not functional. I never open or close them, nor do I look out from them. So, I enlarged my retail display area by covering them with peg board!! Of course, now I wonder why this thought never occurred to me before. Probably because I was not about to paint them.

I have totally justified my actions! More space and I insulated the area before I covered it. I really, really did not want to paint those windows! Still a fan of Coke, I am still able to display all the junk I have collected over the years. The wall at the coffee station got burlap to cover the old map theme.

I was told by someone that I should de-clutter. No way. I like my "clutter". Just the other day my buddy Barb brought this to me. She knows me well! Barb is one of a very few people that my Cujo will allow to pick him up. He is very discerning, my Cujo.

So, that is what I have been up to. I paint awhile, then rest awhile. It has taken nearly 3 weeks to complete, but, other than another burlap wall behind my desk and a few touch up areas on the walls, I am so close to done!


Joanne Noragon said...

So, when will the pool be open? Were they stoned or drunk, or both?
I wondered why in the world you would sell paint trays, they realized that aluminum tray is for cookin'!
Don't over do. Too much.

Val said...

Now I want to come in and browse. Snow still piled up in the Walmart parking lot, and you had would-be swimmers. People are crazy. Maybe they thought you were holding a polar bear plunge.

joanne said...

wow, you have been busy lady. It looks so nice and refreshed! I can't believe how much you can get done when you are consumed by pain. The pain here has taken over, and won. I am on bedrest now and doomed to watch college basketball.

Anonymous said...

You are wonder woman! So much accomplished and it looks really good.

Linda O'Connell said...

I really like those burlap walls. I might do that to my school bulleting board. You have been one busy lady. With visitors like that, no wonder your blood pressure is up!