Thursday, March 6, 2014

Waking Early

"Make sure I get up when the alarm goes off, I have to take my truck in early ....." says He Who Tows. He uses his cell phone as an alarm. Every day it rings, only to have him turn it off and go back to sleep. Not me. After being pulled from warm slumber by a jangling bell, I find it hard to retrieve my dream and continue sleeping. I can, but only if silence ensues.

He Who can sleep through a tornado knows this. He knows I have been having trouble sleeping lately. He knows that I am disturbed by the tiniest of sounds. The slide of the wire clothes hanger on the closet rod, the sound of his socks rasping across his dry heels after I hear the sock drawer open, the rustle of his work pants as they shimmy up his legs ........ I hear everything. I feel the dogs raise their sleepy heads, watching him.

"Go away, leave me in peace." I think as I try to return to sleep. I rub my foot rhythmically on the sheet and hold my eyes shut tight. I feel little Cujo stretch along my spine and snuggle in for a longer nap. I feel Toni lay her head down and Oscar rearrange himself. I hold my breath, lest they sense my awareness. Then, Wall-E jumps down to follow He Who is bumbling around the bedroom, dressing. Tap, tap, tap, his toenails click on the floor. He jumps back in bed, then out again. Confused, are we sleeping or are we getting up?

The dogs have become accustomed to He Who leaving on a middle of the night call. They settle back easily and finish the night now. But , He Who dresses loudly will remove himself from the bedroom quickly and dress in another room. Wonder why he did not do that today? He knew he had to be up early, why didn't he put his clothes in the living room? Did he think I wanted to be up early, too?

Aha! He is preparing me for the daylight savings time change! He Who is thoughtful.


Val said...

Are you a princess? Because, like the princess feeling that pea under a stack of can hear SOCKS OVER DRY HEELS! Can your hear eyelids blink? I'll bet Toni Louise can!

Linda O'Connell said...

I know exactly of which you speak. Mine think he has to sit on the bed while I am sleeping so he can put on his socks. It's like being on an ocean wave!

joeh said...

You make the mistake all women make in believing there is any thought that goes into what "He who is not thinking" is thinking.