Monday, March 3, 2014


Sleep eludes me lately. I am tired, I am sleepy, but I cannot seem to fall to sleep. I had no trouble while I was taking the muscle relaxer .......

So, last night, as the sleet hit the window and He Who tows was pulling cars out of ditches, I turned to the TV. By now I am so very familiar with the remote. My best friend, the remote, continues to open new horizons for me. As everyone knows I love HGTV and DIY. These shows are not conducive to sleep. It makes me want to get up and paint a wall, or take it down.

I had already seen the Lifetime Movie and so I discovered UP in my search. This network is supposed to promote Christian values and "uplift" you. So I start watching a movie.  I don't remember the title, but it was about two southern families, one white, one black. It was set in the 70's in rural Florida. I get all settled in bed with the canines and think this should soothe my mind and I will sleep soundly.

There is a little boy and a little dog and we all know I am partial to the relationship of boys and dogs (I recall writing a whole book about it ....). The little boy needs a hair cut and has the worst southern accent ever. His big brother and sister are in charge of him while the mom is off at the dairy farm milking cows. They stroll down to the big irrigation ditch to throw rocks at the alligators. 

I knew the dog would follow, like you know something scary is about to happen in those old movies. But, this is on "UP", so you figure everything will be okay. It is rated "G". Imagine my horror as the little dog tried to cross the canal to get to the little boy while the alligator (mad from the rock attack) is swimming to the dog. The little boy is screaming for his dog to "go back, go back" and the I SEE THE ALLIGATOR GRAB THE DOG AND EAT HIM.

I am traumatized. It was worse than Old Yeller. I was not to be consoled after Old Yeller was shot by his master when I saw it at a drive-in movie as a child. It was not nearly as graphic as this dog being snatched up into the mouth of the gator as the little boy is screaming.

I cried as I watched the rest of the movie. It would have been a heartwarming movie about the friendship that formed between the neighbors, but all I took away was the fact that the gator ate the dog while the little boy screamed as his siblings held him, to keep him from going into the water for his pet. I supposed it could be classified as uplifting, but I had nightmares when I finally went to sleep.


Linda O'Connell said...

Oh how tragic. That would be the end of my viewing. My husband always has the TV tuned to murder or mayhem, so I hear screams all hours.

I like HGTV, Love It or List It. I can spend the entire day watching it.

My sleep is interrupted. four hours asleep, four awake, four asleep. Hurry spring time!

joanne said...

I'm an up all nighter myself and usually peruse the channels for something that is innocent and calming. I'm so glad I didn't run across this one. I am traumatized just reading about, sleep would not come easy.

ellen abbott said...

I was up mostly last night too starting from about 2 AM. I didn't get up as I wanted to sleep and I guess I dozed some but I heard the clock chime every hour and every half hour save maybe one or two. I'm sleepy now though.

Nancy said...

I make sure I don't watch any movie with animals - too much change of animals getting hurt - no horse shows, no dog shows. My husband knows that I don't watch anything like that. I have to be reassured that nothing bad happens to the animal in the whole movie for me to even start it.

joeh said...

I am still traumatized by "Old Yeller." Movies that have graphic violence to dogs should be rated XXX.