Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lucky Penny

I found a lucky penny first thing this morning. In my laundry room, there is was shining up at me from the bottom of the washer. I snatched it up and pocketed it. Then, as I was walking back into the kitchen, I found another penny, heads up on the floor!

 I took this as a sign of the day to come. I was sorely disappointed.

The fence fell, and although I suppose I should be thankful there were no escapees, I was still highly annoyed.
I told He Who tows that we need to reset the posts yesterday. The weather had warmed and since the first hefty gust of wind that took it out popped the posts and it has been leaning there, waiting there for another opportunity to fall. Not that it doesn't fall regularly and He Who Procrastinates will heave it back up and prop it with whatever he can find.

It is almost Spring and it is definitely time to fix it permanently. There are escape holes and while Oscar is no longer interested in adventures, the other three are. Toni Louise is notorious for her antics and swift legs. She is hard to catch, that one. Wall-E is a slinker and will slither down to the ground and wait to be hauled in ....... after he has first finds something truly disgusting to smear on his white body. He always requires a bath after an adventure.

It is true that the escape avenue has to be fairly large to accommodate them, but Cujo is small and rides low to the ground. He is able to manipulate the smallest and most convoluted exits. He is fearless as he maneuvers his long low self out into the world. He has an agenda. He goes in search of Martha, the boy cat. Martha does not sleep at night. He hunts. He does not eat his prey, preferring to leave corpses for me to find in my various gardens. He believes them to be gifts of affection, despite the many conversations we have had about this habit of his. I do not find it charming in the least to come upon Peter Cottontail's body in my bed of zinnias.

Martha and Cujo are buddies and after a reunion, Cujo will lead Martha to the hole he escaped through and they will nonchalantly re-enter the yard when they hear me call. It is hard to scold Cujo. He comes when I call him. He runs to me, Martha in tow, wagging his tail ...... so proud of his little self. He thinks he has rescued Martha. Little does he know that Martha would abandon him if not for the food that awaits him in the house.

But, ........ the main problem with the three panels of wooden privacy fence falling over is not the dogs escaping or my modicum of privacy being invaded. The most compelling reason to address this issue is that this section of fence is falling on my garden. My asparagus bed. While I saw no tiny green shoots of anything, anywhere when I strolled my gardens yesterday; should that fence fall on my asparagus and destroy it, He Who likes to eat might find his plate empty!


Joanne Noragon said...

Oh, yeah, I'd protect asparagus with a pitchfork if necessary. Hope the fence is soon mended.

Linda O'Connell said...

Ah, that threat should get him in gear. Your dog story is a cute on and I can see it as a children's book.

joanne said...

that would easily be a tragedy if you were to lose the asparagus. One of my favourites and I can't seem to get it to grow here...too wet I think.