Sunday, May 2, 2021

Five Will Get You Ten??

 I am still frustrated that I cannot seem to get this computer to download my pictures from my phone. Maybe a grandchild will show up and fix it for me.

In the meantime I have decided to change the speed limit in the park. This means all the signs have to be repainted. They needed it anyway and I am content mindlessly lettering and panting the signs that go back out as soon as I am done.

My new speed limit is 5mph. It was 10. Nobody obeyed as they whipped through, so I lowered it in hopes that five will get me ten. In addition to changing it, I am also putting up more signs proclaiming my expectations of obedience to my rules. If I confront you about speeding, you should know in advance that I always enjoy a good debate. Feel free to share your opinion about my rules if you must, but know that in the end I will ALWAYS have the last word and that I will ALWAYS win.

Being in charge is not a walk in the park. I have so many things to consider when I make a rule. Safety of my campers is utmost and with children biking and playing it is important to keep your foot on the brake and constantly watching for them. If you do not agree, you don't have to camp here.

Spring is finally here. We do not expect any more snow or freezing temperatures. My grounds are filling with lilies and iris, the daffodils had a short presentation due to that last snowfall and the tulip petals are falling to the ground. The dandelions are turning the fields of grass a happy yellow. I remind myself that the bees need them, even as I yank them out of my gardens, lest they take over.

I found asparagus in my garden upon our return from our trip. Only a small harvest, but the strawberry patch is in full bloom. Time to put my tomato plants in the ground and plant some other veggies. It is good to be outside and busy!


RunNRose said...

I just remembered that one of the campgrounds we used to frequent had something like 7 3/4 MPH on the signs. People noticed. Don't know how much good it did, but it got attention! Glad your weather is improving.

Marla said...

Management always wins. :-) So good to be outside again.

Val said...

I am imagining you as a motorcycle cop, parked behind a billboard, waiting to nab a ne'er-do-well!

River said...

Good idea to lower the speed limit. Do you also have a sign to "watch out for children"?
I envy you your strawberry patch, I've never been able to grow them.

Liz Hinds said...

I hope your cunning plan to slow down traffic works!

ellen abbott said...

spring marches northward leaving summer in her wake.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Running a business must be hard