Friday, May 21, 2021


So many annoying things seem to come up at times I would like to be mindless of the world. Makes my days too long. My body is weary, but my mind is screaming for a time out.

Lately the phone starts ringing before 7 am. I am not mentally equipped to deal with nonsense that early in the morning. Today's winner was a man calling to inquire about the status of his "reservation" for June 1st. I was taking care of my dogs and brewing coffee and considered not answering the phone at all. I answered anyway.

My entire body aches from a marathon session with the push mower yesterday. The ground was too wet to get the big mowers out, so I cut grass all day in between taking reservations and tending to customers and all my other responsibilities. The grass had to be cut, the restrooms had to be cleaned and I seemed to be the chosen one. I was cutting my side yard as the sun went down. I took some preemptive Ibuprofen before I showered and collapsed in bed. So, the ringing phone was most unwelcome that early.

The name inquiring about his reservation was not found in my reservations, but the name did sound familiar. Upon requesting that he refresh my memory, he "reminded" me that I had emailed his wife. Just because you send me an email inquiring about a reservation on a certain date does not mean you have a reservation!! I always respond and end that response with "TO SECURE A RESERVATION CALL the store number". Why would I hold a spot without something to secure it? I need a credit card number or a deposit. Just like every other campground and motel/hotel operation.

The name was familiar because she sent another email and I responded yet again, telling her I would need to know more about the camper in question and ended that email with the same statement about calling to secure the reservation. What is so hard to understand? The man was quite insistent that he had a reservation. After the call I went back o the correspondence by email and checked to make sure I was not wrong. Being right did not bring any sense of peace to my morning.

I am not looking forward to this weekend and most especially the following holiday weekend. I am old, I am tired.

Everything is on track. The pool has been painted and is full of water. The lounge chairs have been built and repaired and now await my attention with the paint. Looks like it might rain and the paint has a strong odor, so I don't want to be indoors with it. Today is not looking good for painting. I would love to grab a bucket of paint and work mindlessly all day long. Not see anyone, not talk to anyone, just me and my paint brush. Alas, seems there is no remedy in sight!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some people are so frustrating

Joanne Noragon said...

What part of No Reservation Yet don't they get?
You have a nice Holiday Weekend.

River said...

I hope that man or his wife makes a definite reservation instead of just showing up.
Do you have somewhere to paint where the rain won't get you? Under a porch roof for instance?

Val said...

Even your idea of relaxation (painting the chairs without interruption) is WORK!

ellen abbott said...

Just refuse to answer the phone before 8 or whatever time you officially open for the day. let the voicemail pick it up.take care of you. the whiners can wait another hour or so.

Amanda said...

Surely you can mute that phone until business hours. Nobody should be able to roust you out that early unless their hair is on fire AND they're on your property.

Linda O'Connell said...

Maybe you should have a menu on your phone recording. "Press 1 if you WONDER if you have a reservation. Press 2 if you want to confirm your reservation. Please provide the res. #. Press 3 if you are dumb as a box of rocks. I'm growing a rock garden.:

Maybe you should go lollygag in the pool and disregard every and any aggravation. In other words, TAKE A BREAK.

Bindu said...

You do a lot of work!