Monday, May 3, 2021

I Want Too Much

 We are super busy. This should make me happy, but it has only made me tired. We close early on Sunday and that alone is cause for celebration. I am greedy, I want the entire day. I just want to dig in my gardens. ALONE. I want that feeling of having accomplished something. I want the solitude and peace I find when I smell the earth and feel the roots of the weeds in my hands. I long to belt out an old hymn and not worry that some camper will be offended.

And I want all this to happen without interruption. I want too much. I thought about taking the phone I loathe and giving it to my friend to field calls. Maybe I should have have, but the morning was so quiet as I made my way to a garden bed, thinking it to be pretty much out of sight. I could still see the front of the building if anyone happened into the office. Humming softly to myself, favorite digging tool in hand, I started pulling and digging weeds.

This activity that brings me peace lasted all of 10 minutes before someone sought me out. Not too perturbed, I listened to her request and told her what I would need from her to  accomplish what she wanted. Before she could make an exit, the phone rang ..... and rang .... and rang.

Inside now, HeWho surprised me with iced coffee and pancakes. We were able to have an entire conversation before the phone interrupted again. No, he did not make my breakfast (don't be silly), he drove to McDonalds and bought it. 

I suppose he felt bad about dropping his pill case and all of the pills spilling out. Only four days worth, but we all know who would have to fix it. I was busy with my tomato seedlings in my window and refused to get upset, just told him to be sure to get all of the ones that fell to the floor. I can only imagine one of my dogs with his blood thinner or beta blocker. It would kill them. 

I ventured back out, determined to finish what I started. Interruptions continued, causing me to abandon my work and hike back to the office. I spread my 3 bags of mulch in the weed free area and finally saw HeWho enter the office. I snuck off to my vegetable garden and prepared the area for my tomatoes and seed potatoes. Got 6 of my 18 tomato plants in the ground and topped them off with the worm bed dirt from last year. Potatoes planted with more good dirt and the first drops of rain fell as I was summoned to the office.

I know I told him NOT to make reservations and not to try to discuss which sites may or may not be available for seasonal sites. My own fault, I suppose. But I did tell him that we have NOTHING left until after Memorial Day and already have most of the sites promised out to people waiting until June 1st. So I was irritated that I had to grab a mask and act professional. I was already dripping with sweat and just wanted a shower.

I decided to tackle the pile of pills and found that the numbers didn't add up. So, I know some must be hidden either on the counter or the floor. Maybe under the stove. They can roll a long way. My big toe hurts and my foot has swollen enough that taking off my shoe is difficult, but I have to find the pills before one of the dogs do. HeWho doesn't seem to be concerned and I long to smack him in the back of his head.

So much for a peaceful day. Then the phone rings again with a gentleman just wondering if I still have his reservation. To my credit I did not snap at him and tell him that I routinely threw every third reservation away so that I could challenge my skills in being able to accommodate everyone.

HeWho has the phone now. The last call I took was from a man who is waiting for June 1st  for a seasonal site. My first clue that he would be causing me angst is when he requested that I give him TWO sites for the price of one. Seems he likes a lot of room. I actually am willing to do that on two of my shorter, less desirable 30 amp sites. But he wants a particular set of sites that are 50 amp. We have had this discussion twice before today and today was not the day to try my patience. The man and his wife appear to be older than me, but very well could be younger. My point is that they are old enough to know that NO means NO. If he would like to pay for both sites I would be okay with it. Not happy, mind you, but okay. 

I am off to move the dishwasher and stove, broom at the ready, while my fur babies nap. Then a shower and bed are calling out to me. I am beginning to wonder if Humana sent me a placebo in place of my serotonin uptake. I am not pleasant to be around without my pills!  


Anonymous said...

I think Amazing Grace should be your nickname now but you'd have to share it with my sister whose name is Elaine. She shows amazing grace too, and declares she wouldn't know what to do if her life straightened itself out to the point where it felt like heaven on earth. LOL. All is well. You have HeWho loves you much as your helpmate.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I love being alone, just like my Mum andher Mum

Joanne Noragon said...

I wonder, do you use any hired help? How good/reliable are they?

Val said...

If you walk around barefoot, you might find the lost pills. I find them all the time on the bathroom tile, after Hick drops them and "can't find them." They hurt like the dickens when my unsuspecting heel lands on a pill. It's like a princess trying to sleep on an under-mattress pea, I guess...

River said...

I hope you found all the missing pills. No camper should expect to get two sites for the price of one. You'd be broke very quickly if they did expect and get the twofer.

Amanda said...

I remember when I was working for NPS and all the storm and strife around getting ready for opening the campground and historic site and Opening itself - which was always pure madness no matter how carefully we'd planned. (The Great American Public will do that to you every time.) I would long for my days off. By Day 2 I was ready to go to town for the grocery shop at least, but not before a good 24 hours of just me, myself, and I. As Sachel Page said, "The social ramble ain't restful."

Linda O'Connell said...

Ugh! We had the pill incident, too just as we were leaving for a weekend away. I had to pull out the stove, fridge, etc to find his pills which would have killed our cat. As I shoved the fridge back, he said, "Oh I found it!" Oh, I wanted to whack the back of his head. But I would not have left until we did find that bp pill.
Your aggravations are much greater than mine. I don not know how you do it wit customer service and odd balls. Hioe today is better.

Patrick Breen trial said...

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Donna. W said...

As an introvert, your life would drive me crazy! I hardly talk on the phone; it makes me angry with my cell phone interrupts me! I like being with people for a little while, but not demanding people, and not all day long!

No wonder you need meds to survive!