Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 Cujo here. I am so happy to report that my mom is up and on her feet! She can walk around without stopping to say "ouch". I do not like it when she is in pain.

Yesterday I heard her say she has cabin fever! Oh no! Fevers are not good. I am confused, though. She doesn't feel like she has a fever and I would know! I am the first one to nestle close to her when she sits down and I sleep right next to her. If she had a fever I would know. Then there is the word "cabin". I know what a cabin is and we do not live in one. Dad says she just needs to get out of the house. It is snowing, so I suppose that would cool a fever down, but is she supposed to go find a cabin?

Is this what she means when she says "word play"? I miss my brother dog, Wall-E, at times like this. He once told me that Mom spoke in riddles. He was right.

Yesterday Mom felt good enough to give Eddie a bath. Eddie still suffers with itching. His ear has been bothering him, as well. Mom did some research on the computer and next thing we knew she was sniffing Eddie's ear and saying "yeast, he has a yeast infection in his ear". She read some more and then she told Eddie that she had a new shampoo to try on his itchy skin. But, first, she was back with a small bowl of something with cotton balls soaking in it. 

Before Eddie could escape he was in Mom's lap with his ear flapped back and she was rubbing away at the inside of his ear with one of those cotton balls. It smelled familiar, but I couldn't remember where I had smelled that smell before. She finished by putting drops of that stuff in Eddies ear and then she rubbed his ear and face and told him he could shake. He did and before he could jump to the floor she swooped him up and carried him to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on.

I love a good bath myself. I was anticipating a nice warm bath. First Mom wets us down with really warm water. Legend has it that Emmy taught her that. Emmy did not like to be cold and so her water had to be extra warm, followed by a blow dryer, then Mom would wrap her in a blanket and hold her until she was nice and dry and warm. Eddie likes for Mom to hold him after his bath, too.

This is why Eddie usually goes last, so Mom can wrap him up and hold him awhile. So why is Eddie first today? I decided to sit next to the gate to see if I could hear Mom talking to him. She always talks to us dogs. I heard her ask him if he liked the smell of the new shampoo and if it felt good. She told him what a good boy he was being and that this new shampoo could be rinsed right away and she wouldn't let him get cold. I heard her rinse him and then tell him to hold on so she could finish with a nice vinegar rinse .....

VINEGAR? That is the smell I smelled. She uses that to make pickles and salad dressing and I do not appreciate the taste or the smell! Is she trying to pickle Eddie? They EAT pickles! Oh no, oh no, oh no. This can't be happening. Will she try to pickle me, too? One time she was joking (I hope) with Dad and said that I was getting fatter and fatter and looked like a piglet. She said I was just the right size for roasting! Dad told her she was mean to say that about me. She hasn't tried to stick a rod through my mouth to my nether regions, though. You don't suppose she would want to pickle me first, do you?

When Mom came out with Eddie all wrapped in a towel, she sat down next to me. I tried to act like I had been sitting there on the couch the entire time. I wanted a nice warm bath, but I did not look forward to having a soak in Vinegar. She told us dogs that one bath was all her back would handle. 

I was so relieved! I am still worried about Eddie, but, better him than ME! I once heard Mom say it was a Dog Eat Dog world. I am not partaking of a BBQ that involves Eddie!


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard I think something jiggled loose! Thank you. :D

Linda O'Connell said...

Such a cute post. I laughed at the pooch's perceptions about you. Fun way to tell readers.

River said...

Let me put your mind at ease Cujo. The vinegar will help to kill the yeast infection in Eddie's ear and will also help to ease the itching from allergies, which is why he got vinegar rinsed after his bath. It helps to neutralize the PH factor of the shampoo residue on the skin and lessens the chance of more allergy reactions.

Val said...

Sorry you didn't get a warm bath, Cujo. It was smart of you to act like you'd been sitting on the couch the whole time. But I bet your mom KNEW you'd been at the gate listening. Moms know EVERYTHING.