Thursday, January 28, 2021

No Dog Pickles!

 Cujo took over yesterday. He is such a smart little pig shaped boy! I fear that my new diet regimen may not be so good for him. While he loves the new food and patiently waits his turn for a bite and he gets only 1/2 cup a day, he seems to be ballooning! While my back was in the week long spasm, I could not lift him into the bed or onto the sofa. 

Every time HeWho would come to my rescue to hoist the fat dog next to me, Cujo would run from him and try to hide. He has been vigilant about his unhappiness with HeWho being in our presence. HeWho has employed the use of treats to lure Cujo into an area to pick him up. No more treats for the fat little dog!

As Cujo told you I am still battling the skin rash and itching on Eddie and Toni Louise. The vet wants to take the dogs inside without me and I don't agree with this practice. How will they be able to ask questions. It would be like handing my baby to the pediatrician and then going out to wait while the doctor tried to determine the reason for the visit.

On Eddie's last visit the vet determined that he had a yeast infection in his ear. She told me it wasn't bad and to just use the over the counter ear wash and keep it clean. That is not working. As for his itching skin and the medicated shampoo, it no longer works either. So after some research, it came to my attention that most home remedies called for vinegar. Selsun Blue shampoo was suggested, too. With the old adage of "can't hurt, might help" I ordered the shampoo and carefully read the ingredients and determined that nothing in it was harmful unless ingested.

Eddie is a good boy and won't be trying to eat the shampoo. Mr. BoJangles would, he tries to eat everything. I bathed my Eddie and rinsed him with the suggested ratio of vinegar to water. No, he does not stink like vinegar! He was quite comfortable last night and didn't wake me scratching like I do when I have poison ivy.

Too bad my back would not hold out to bathe Toni Louise, as well. I treated his ear again this morning and it smells much better and he is not shaking his head today. I bathed Toni Louise this morning. I offered to let her master bathe his own dog, but it is better that I do it. He tends to use too much shampoo and then not rinse well enough. Another old adage? If you want something done right, do it yourself.

I cleaned Toni's ears, too. Just in case. I am pretty sure it is yeast, if the odor description can be trusted. Both dogs smell musty, well, not now, but after a few days. The description of the flaky skin and loss of fur, along with a leathery look to the skin. I hope my back holds up for the next few weeks, as they will need to be bathed 3 times a week for a while.

They have always been on grain free dog food. We even purchased some freeze dried raw food dogfood, hoping to kill the yeast by diet. The only thing left is dog treats. No more dog treats from the store. Peanut butter, sweet potatoes and fresh fruit will have to be sufficient. Although Cujo and Bo seem not to be affected at all, they will have to stick to the same diet as the other two. I have to be fair, you know. HeWho is bad about sharing sandwiches and crackers with them. I will employ the use of a yard stick to smack his hand for this offense!

Cujo was relieved to know that I had no plans for pickling my canines and then eating them! Where does that dog get his crazy ideas?


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That pup over hears something has a weird dream about what he heard and comes up with a crazy idea such as that

Val said...

I wonder what Cujo will think of the Yardstick Treatment if HeWho misbehaves!

River said...

The vinegar should help and I hope it does. You may need an extra strong yard stick for HeWho hands out too many treats.