Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Trip? Maybe.

 I am somewhat better.. Still not able to bend over and pick things up. Still have to walk very carefully. I did actually bend over yesterday. I had to, I was taking my meds and I dropped a pill. All I could think about was one of the dogs (most likely being BO) would discover it and eat it.

My mind went into over drive. I didn't know which pill had fallen to the floor. I had swallowed the rest right when I heard the lone pill hit the floor. I take a beta blocker and a blood pressure pill with a diuretic. Either would make Bo very sick and could prove to be fatal. So I spread my legs as far as I could and carefully leaned over as far as I could. Not far enough, as it turned out. I stretched forward and grabbed the pill while the pain grabbed me.

Turned out to be the low dose aspirin I take every morning along with all the other pills. I could have just left it there for HeWho to pick up and saved myself the pain. Couldn't risk it, though.

HeWho has been busy outside this week. He had 8 loads of gravel delivered and has spent endless hours pushing the rock around with the front end loader. You might recall that we were unable to get gravel last season. This would normally be a Spring chore, but opportunity presented itself and the weather has been mild, so why not?

I appreciate the alone time and would really appreciate it if I could move freely and get something done. Instead I am watching TV, reading, and dozing. Totally non-productive! Bored out of mind. I am thinking I will book a reservation for a short trip. I do not need to be 100% to sit in the co-pilot seat of the motor home and give advice to the driver. 

Staying in our own space should be safe enough. Dog walking will have to be up to HeWho. The only thing that gives me pause for thought is the steps into the motorhome. The thought of planting either foot and then  p u l l i n g  the rest of me to the next step sounds painful to me. I think I will go try it out before I commit to a reservation .....


Joanne Noragon said...

I hope you are successful, you want to go.

River said...

I remember when I had sprained my back and couldn't bend over I would squat and then get to my knees to pick things up. I still do that sometimes if I'm feeling a bit achy. Can you do that? Are you able to get to your knees and back up again?

Val said...

Heh, heh. I read that last line as "...before I commit a reservation." Like you were contemplating a crime!

Linda O'Connell said...

I understand the need to get away. We took highway drive, and took our lives into our own hands on Highway 70. Gee whiz we thought 270 had crazy drivers. But it did us good to get out.
Think next time we might take back roads. Hope you feel better soon. No fun hurting.