Friday, January 8, 2021

Clarifion, Not A Scam

I posted about a scam late last year. HeWho had ordered some rather spendy electronic devices that bragged about eliminating dust. you can find that story here.

We received 5 cloth baggies of activated charcoal from the company and that is when I called foul on them for a bait and switch deal. Well, lo and behold, just the other day a package arrived with not 5, but 10 of the advertised product! HeWho looked back at his orders and he did actually order 10, as they were cheaper by volume. Still not inexpensive.

I went about the task of plugging them in. Every day, HeWho would wonder if they were working. I suggested that he get the vacuum out and do a thorough cleaning of our abode and then we would be more able to judge the efficiency of the product. Yeah, that didn't happen. But, I cleaned and dusted my coffee area that is next to the fridge and has a wall (load bearing) that I was forbidden to knock down between that space and the kitchen. 

They seem to be working! Now, if only I could muster the energy to do a proper cleaning of my entire living space... I should get on that. It is not that big. But when I get started I tend to stop and start thinking and will end up painting the ceiling. Then the walls will look bad and then I will want to drag the rugs outside and beat them. You see that this is a springtime activity and far be it from me to mess with seasons!


ellen abbott said...

and just how does a bag of activated charcoal prevent dust?

River said...

I'm waiting for the day, probably far in the future, when houses are built with underfloor vacuum systems that suck out all the dust from all the rooms overnight while we sleep.

Linda O'Connell said...

Ha! I hear you. My guy has the wall painting urge, and I keep telling him spring would be a much better time. Some times that's enough to dissuade him. Other times he drags out the ladder, talks about painting, and then forgets for a few days. We will play this game until he has the "office" cluttered with all his painting paraphenalia and the first signs of spring erupt.

I just need sunshine to brighten my walss, floors, and me.