Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Oscar Goes To ...

 So, yesterday I told you about Oscar and his big bluff. I wondered about Emmy and finally Oscar told me how she came to live with my mom.

When Oscar came to live with my mom, she didn't know just how much she would come to love him. I have heard her tell people that she fell in love with her first doxie, Oscar. She says she would never have named him Oscar, like Oscar Meyer Wieners. She was quick to tell everyone that he was special, that he was, indeed, an Oscar, like the award. She loved him so much and wanted more little dogs just like him. So, when he was 6 months old, she bought his wife, Emmy. Also an award, her name on her registration was Sweet Emmy Lou.

Oscar says that he was afraid that Emmy would steal the show, but she didn't. Emmy had the same color fur as Oscar, but hers was long. While Oscar was stubborn and demanding, Emmy was gentle and obedient. She did not grow to be bigger than 6 lbs. Oscar weighed twice what she weighed, but Emmy had a presence all her own.

Sarge, the Collie was a very kind and gentle soul. He always obeyed and looked out for all of us dogs. Louise was a big goofy girl, often an escape artist. She would dig under the fence and then use her big size to knock the panels away and off she go, exploring the neighborhood. Louise was never intimidating, just her size. She liked to meet people and other dogs, she even liked cats. She was afraid of mice and loud noise. She hated thunderstorms and would be the first one to head to the basement when a storm was brewing. Being a St. Bernard, she was bred to rescue people in storms, but that would never have happened with her!

She taught Oscar and Emmy how to dig next to the fence and she would gain escape for all of them. Except Sarge. He would not leave the yard without permission. When Mom would discover the breach in the fence, she would dispatch Sarge to bring the three dogs back home. Then she would scold Louise, knowing that she was the one responsible.

The stories about the big dogs were fascinating! I almost wished that Sarge and Louise were still here. Oscar told me they would be very, very old. Oscar is the one who discovered Sarge after he suffered a stroke. He made Mom come with him to Sarge's side and they slept on the rug next to the wood stove with Sarge that night. Sarge came around the next day, but he could not stand up and had to be carried outside to pee. Oscar told me how Mom stayed with him until he died.

As sad as this was, it was comforting to know that my mom stayed with him. She really loves her dogs! Emmy died before I came to live here and now Oscar is gone, too. My mom says that Mr. BoJangles is much like Oscar. I think she might be right about that! He is not afraid of anything and he rarely obeys!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh Oscar what can one sasy

Joanne Noragon said...

Never a dull moment, or dog.

River said...

I do hope Mr Bo Jangles learns to stay in the yard and not dig his way out. I'm glad to hear Oscar was a hero and found your Mum when Sarge needed her most.