Tuesday, December 1, 2020


 When last we spoke, I wove the tale of the rubbery chicken. I have since learned that we were not the only customers who returned a cooked bird. All from the same batch of chickens in the store's freezer case. I don't know if I will ever buy meat there again. I suppose I should reconsider that since, in 16 years this is the only bad experience I have had with their meat department. I learned early on to check the expiration dates. I do it in every store now. 

I am sure HeWho will ask what was discovered to be wrong with the hen. He is chatty like that. He has no filter when it comes to asking questions. He once asked a swimmer when her baby was due. Thank goodness she didn't hear him. She was holding her 7 month old at the time and was definitely not pregnant, just had not dropped all those baby pounds yet. Realizing she had not heard him, he was on the precipice of asking again when I stepped on his foot and continued to apply pressure until he shut his mouth. I prefer that he not be standing next to me when he makes these faux pas. 

Since the day of thanks I have found myself to lack energy. I enjoyed my day of sitting with my foot propped up. It was better in three days. I did end up washing the dishes, but HeWho helped. It should come as no surprise that he is clueless about the whereabouts of kitchen items. He cooked dinner. Hamburger Helper makes a great meal. He even made a salad. The next day, I found that he had put the lettuce on the second shelf of the fridge instead of the crisper drawer. He even put the leftover beef stroganoff in the fridge. He wedged the skillet he cooked it in on top of the eggs at an angle. To his credit, he did take the serving spoon out and left it on the stove.

Somehow I doubt he will ever become adept at household chores. The store is closed at least until March. We have a night registration set up and it should be pretty easy. I replace the brochures, envelopes and registration forms daily. There are instructions posted. A map of the park is on the front of the building and the brochure has a map. The drop box is right there in sight and the current rates are posted.

Unfortunately, I seem to have overestimated people. They call and ask me what to do. I always tell them to look to the right or left (I can see them on the monitor) and the instructions are right in front of them. But they want to be told how to do each step of the process. I am beginning to think that there is an entire generation out there that never learned to read. Or maybe it is just reading comprehension they are lacking in.

All this just makes me tired. HeWho wants to take a trip, but just the thought of getting everything ready 

and loaded exhausts me. All I want to do is sleep. My major accomplishment today? I bathed the dogs. I have been resting since and am looking forward to bedtime.


Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy. I hope you will consider the possibility that He-Who knows exactly what he is doing. Appearing to be inept is a simple display of passive aggression. LOL. Seriously. If a male wants attention (good or bad) he will find a way to get it. It's the same with their desire to ruffle your feathers. I learned this truth in couples therapy. Ignoring them and/or not falling for their grift changes their behavior. It is an uphill battle though. I'd share a few how-tos guaranteed to make them change by choice, but don't want to give away hard-won secrets.

Spouses who act so childishly feel they have little or no power and play the same old aces until you ignore them or kill them. LOL. Wait. Divorce is a safe alternative but who has that much time and money these days? :D Try loving him to pieces. Get twisted on him and thank him for raising your blood pressure. Bake him a pie when he really pisses you off.

I do hope you will write a book some day. You make me laugh even on my grayest days. Be well.

Waving at you from Texas. ~

Joanne Noragon said...

Oh yes, the generation exists. My friend calls them Millenials. I call them NotWoke.

River said...

What is it with men who live in the same kitchen for decades, yet don't know where things get put away to? I'm sure you have a system where everything gets put in the same place all the time, not just tossed into the nearest cupboard all higgledy-piggledy. How does anyone not know to put something away into the same place they got it out from?
Let's not get into customers who can't or won't read and follow simple instructions.

Linda O'Connell said...

There are too many people who need to be led. They cannot think independently, and expect others to think for them. Amazing, isn't it?

When I was a young mom with tummy, I walked itno abakery with my baby and the woman asked when my baby was due. I was so taken aback I wanted to cry, but instead I came up with a fake due date.

A vacation sounds great, but if it's more work than recreation, it might not be worth it.

Hope your foot is better and He Who doesn't put leftovers away in the pan.

ellen abbott said...

I think you deserve as many days of doing nothing as you want.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The world is fukll of thick idiots and many of them turn up at your park.

Val said...

I'm sure HeWho was just being efficient, leaving the leftovers in the skillet, so you wouldn't have an extra container to wash, heh, heh! Which also meant that he didn't have any reason to wash a skillet.

Mage said...

Take many days in bed. Add extra vitamin pills too. Hugs.