Sunday, December 6, 2020


 My persistent headache has returned with a vengeance. It makes me cranky and not fun to be around. It also seems to enhance all my annoyances.

Not big things, these things that annoy me and make me wonder. It annoys me that cookie is the singular form of cookies. Why isn't it cooky? Who decided which words and phrases should defy the rules of grammar? Why should there be exceptions that prove the rule? Who was in charge when this happened and why did they let it happen?

See what I mean? I have used far too much energy thinking about this. It really doesn't matter. Cooky or cookie, I will eat it! I am constantly searching for palatable recipes for HeWho love to eat. I am always on the lookout for things to enhance his salt free existence. It is not easy, you know. HeWho loves fried foods (who doesn't). 

So, when I saw a recipe for baked churros, it caught my eye. I had all the ingredients on hand and decided to just make a small batch. It sounded good. It was a little labor intensive, or maybe I just thought so because I was disappointed with the results. I have made cream puffs before and this recipe was similar, in that you boil the wet ingredients, then add the flour, then the eggs. No need for the electric mixer or food processer. Just a heavy bottomed sauce pan and a wooden spoon. It took some elbow grease to get the eggs to incorporate into the dough to the consistency of masked potatoes.

I followed all the directions and adhered to the suggestion of having all the elements ready in advance. I had my cookie sheets covered in parchment and my pastry bag all ready to fill and squeeze. While the dough was warm, it was easier to work with. I piped the long rows onto the parchment and popped them in the oven and cooked them for 10 minutes at 425. They were predicted to "puff slightly". This was followed by broiling until "golden brown". This last step requires constant attention, lest you burn them to a crisp.

The dough has very little sugar in it, but you roll them in cinnamon sugar while still hot. The ridges from the piping tip were rumored to give the sugar something to grab onto.

I am known to experiment with my cooking attempts. Usually the recipe is treated like a suggestion by me. I will offer up my experiments to willing subjects who will be honest about their taste. These were so bad, I didn't even do that. These were so bad that even HeWho wouldn't eat them. The dogs didn't like them and I didn't like them.

You know what they needed? Grease! They needed grease. Grease makes everything tastier.


RunNRose said...

Well, you did say you put in some grease. You just put the word "elbow" in front of it😁😁. Re the English language. One of my pet peeves is that I made A's in the subject, always. So why, after I carefully learned the rules, do the rules get changed? Case in point----
"all right" is two words. No more. I think the rule was broken so often that the rules were changed to match the practice!

ellen abbott said...

no kidding! fat is where the flavor is. when the whole world went fat free everything crazy I did not. give me real butter and whole milk, even better, cream.

Joanne Noragon said...

Butter I say. Butter!

River said...

Coincidentally, I saw an advertisement in a Christmas Specials leaflet for an electric Churro maker, which makes four at a time. I love Churros, but didn't order the maker as I'd prefer to go to the Churro shop in the city and pay for their wonderful product, because if I can make them at home I will eat far too many.
I'm sorry your recipe didn't turn out, you'll have to try a different one.
I hope your headache clears soon, they're no fun at all.

Val said...

One time my grandma made a pie that her dogs wouldn't eat. And they even ate cooked cabbage!

Linda O'Connell said...

I made peanut butter cookies one year for my parent but they were tasteless and they
couldn't eat them. I had forgotten to double the brown sugar amount when I doubled all other ingredients. Hope your headache subsides. Every sniffle, sneeze of headache I get makes me think I have the virus. Hope this week starts out and ends up good. Thursday is going to be warm. I'm looking forward to it.

Kathy G said...

It's a drag when you go to all the effort to cook something and it doesn't live up to expectations.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I don't like people calling biscuits cookies just annoys me no end

Grease makes me think of the movie