Saturday, December 19, 2020

It's A Scam!

I may have mentioned a time or two that this place where I live is the dustiest place I can remember. I am constantly dusting and dusting is not a favorite chore.

Have you seen those ads on line about the old woman whose grandchildren refused to visit because her house smelled funny. Her daughter asks her when she last cleaned her house and she says she just had it cleaned by a professional! Daughter runs her finger through the dust on the surface of a table and Grandma is all sad because they won't visit. Then a friend comes along and tells her that the air in her house is so bad that she can't breathe. She leaves and returns that same day with these miracle devices that will purify the air in your house. After a week her house was dust free and her grandchildren even stayed the night. The ad shows what looks to be a device you plug into an outlet.

HeWho loves gadgets decided to order 5. Took forever to ship and they finally arrived. From a company named Clarifion. I had wondered how it would eliminate dust from the air. It looked to be the size of one of those rodent eliminators you plug in and they emit a frequency that only rodents can hear. I have those and they work quite well.

I have no idea what is in the illustration for this product, but what we got was five small bags of activated charcoal. The instructions say to hang them in rooms where odors are a problem and once a month you have to place them in the sunlight for a day to "reactivate". After two years, dispose of them. The suggestion is to dump the contents of the bag in your garden to provide valuable nutrients to the soil.

How did they know I had a garden? How did they know I am a faithful composter? But ... if these "dust eliminators" work as promised, where does all that dust go? These are small and I have a lot of dust. The answer is that I am a sucker!                                                                                                                    



ellen abbott said...

5 small bags of activated charcoal? uh, yeah I guess it's a scam. no picture of the 'device' in the would be my guess. hope you didn't pay much.

Joanne Noragon said...

They've done nothing for my dust, either.

River said...

I don't see how a small lump of coal, or even a big one, can possibly eliminate dust. The only methods I know that work are vacuuming and damp dusting and even that isn't a permanent fix. It needs to be done daily, over and over and over ad infinitum. I hate dust.