Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Pharmacy Is Out Of Drugs

I am exhausted! I would rather mow all 17 acres of fields with the push mower than do all this running around! I have gained a new appreciation for HeWho and his willingness to run endless errands.

Here's hoping he will be back up to the task soon. He had an appointment with his primary care provider (PCP) this afternoon. They gave him the pneumonia shot and will be setting up his rehab. The problems with living in the middle of nowhere are becoming increasingly apparent. Cardiac rehab is usually done in the hospital.

Now, I am quite familiar with the drive to the hospital, but it is an hour one way. If it is important to be in the hospital for this rehab, then the patient should not be driving himself to that rehab. That is my take away. HeWho seems to think otherwise and has said he is perfectly capable of driving himself. I think it is kind of cute that he thinks he will have any say in it.

After the visit at the clinic we headed to the pharmacy to pick up some nitroglycerin. Kind of important to have on hand. The pharmacy was out of nitroglycerin! Maybe it is just me, but I would think that particular item would be a staple. They promised to have it tomorrow. Oh, goody, another trip to town.


dkzody said...

We just talked about this while out in a small mountain community that we have loved for over 40 years and which I had even thought would be a nice place to retire. That was when I was young, energetic and neither of us had any health issues. No way would we consider such a place to live now as we are in and near our 70s.

Hubby does drive himself to cardio rehab, but he didn't do that for the first month or so. He is now over a year past open-heart surgery and still not back to his old normal. And he was in excellent health before that surgery.

Val said...

Apparently, they know how to SELL the nitroglycerin. They just don't know how to STOCK the nitroglycerin. They're like that Seinfeld airport rent-a-car place!

River said...

There must be a lot of people around those parts using nitroglycerin for the pharmacy to have run out. I'm luckier, living in a suburb close to the city, if one pharmacy doesn't have what I need I have the choice of several others to go to.

Linda O'Connell said...

Last night we sat in the pharmacy drive up line for twenty minutes debating insurance. Finally two technicians decided after examining insurance cards that they had forgotten to put an apostrophe in our last name. The mister was getting pister by the minute. When he finally handed me the prescription, he calmed down...until we got home and discovered only THREE pills in the bottle. They are incompetent more often than not. I think they do it to cause us to get upset, resulting in doctor's prescribing meds... a vicious circle.

ellen abbott said...

yep, same with small town living. the hospital I chose for my ablation is almost an hour away. I prefer the drive than trying any of the small hospitals around here, got home with the scrip for my new medication which the pharmacy didn't have. great. I had to drive to the next town over to get it.