Friday, November 8, 2019

Old People Chair

HeWho was gifted an old people chair. I had purchased a recliner with heat and massage for him and heard endless complaints about how uncomfortable the chair was.

While my son was here and HeWho was safely tucked away in the hospital, I tried this chair out. He was right. First of all, the seat area was tight and not very accommodating to my generous derriere. HeWho took no-ass-at-all tablets his entire life and this was not the problem he had with the chair. 

The reclining of the chair did not bring the leg support to a level that was comfortable, making me feel like I might slide down to the floor. Especially with my lap full of dogs. Considering the weakened state of the man of the house, the chair had to go. The heat and massage function works fine, but is just not worth the level of discomfort. Wayfair, I thought they had just what I needed.

But, old people chair to the rescue. I wish I had video of all the older guys here, watching HeWho demonstrate the lift mechanism of his chair. Much amazement going on as I heard someone comment, "Look, it will stand him up!!" Just a bunch of grown little boys looking at someone's latest toy.

Kevin was jealous, so another old people chair came into the park today for him. I see more coming in the future. Just think of all the energy they can save by not having to create the momentum to expel themselves up and out of the chair!

Me, the one with arthritis, well, I am still sitting on my young people mini sectional. If you were here, you would notice all the popping of joints as I struggle to rise after sitting for too long. I am nothing if not long suffering!

Many thanks to Bud, the benefactor of old people chairs. He is a generous guy! 


River said...

I've seen those chairs in catalogues and on TV advertisements. I think they're a great idea and can see myself eventually getting one. I do have two recliner chairs and after sitting too long I struggle a bit getting out of them.

Val said...

I LOVE my OPC! I was insulted three years ago when Hick and the boys gave it to me for Christmas. It's roomy enough, and toasty and vibrate-y. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't put my legs up quite level with the floor. It's still comfortable, and I'm not afraid of sliding out. It won't stand me up, but it tilts enough that I don't have to hoist myself up out of a deep cushion.

My biggest concern is what happens if the electricity goes off while I'm reclined. It happened once, but came back on in five minutes. I was not yet panicked, and was plotting my escape. Genius had an extra power supply battery thingy that he'd used for some project, and brought it home to hook up. So now supposedly, I can still eject myself in a power outage.