Sunday, November 3, 2019

A New Normal

Adjusting to a new normal here. HeWho scared me, is still very weak. He sleeps a lot and tires easily. I feel like a mother with a newborn ... just wish he would stay where I put him!

I am dustiung off old nursing skills. I am the pill giver, blood pressure and temperature monitor. Most of all I am the person saying, "NO, you can't do that!!" His heart took a big hit. Some damage cannot be repaired. His new doctor will be looking at the blockages left untouched at a later date. HeWho was expecting to bounce back like he did 20 years ago when he felt immediately better after the stent procedure. 

His appetite is returning and it is challenging to find snacks he can have and keep the fat and sodium level down. HeWho thinks eating fruit should be in pie form. With lots of whipped cream or ice cream topping it off. He hasn't actually wrinkled his nose at my creations low in fat and sodium, but it is early days.

His truck keys were confiscated by Kevin and underwent a thorough cleaning by Craig and Kevin. All cigarettes are gone, along with fat laden snacks he may have had stashed there. He still is not allowed to drive and when he does achieve that goal, I will insist on a passenger riding along. I will not be leaving him alone when I have errands to run, since last time he picked up Cujo and Eddie, both dogs exceed that 5lb. limit.

Yes, he will have a sitter! I am having trouble sleeping. I find myself waking frequently to check on him. I managed to take down all the Halloween decor in the past two days. I pulled my three bins out to store it all and found that I needed another bin to store it all. Why does it seem to grow? I did add a lot with the spooky trail, but it seems to have overflowed into the child sized casket someone gave us years ago.

Why someone would have a casket hanging around in their basement is weird enough. The fact that my husband eagerly accepted this "gift" and put it in his "barn" is equally disturbing. We do use it on Halloween. One year we had some people here with a child around 5 years old and his father urged him to get in the casket and "act like your dead". That was really creepy. Anyway, I am using the casket to store some props. So, I now have 4 bins and a casket, along with other props that will not be contained.

Weather is promising to be nice today and I plan to paint the front porch. HeWho can sit in a rocker and chat with me. He took two short walks outside yesterday and two long naps. He was ready to go to bed at 7:30! I convinced him to sit up until 8:30, which will be 7:30 tonight with the time change. He is messing up my nightly pill schedule!! He is still abed and it is 8:30 now (9:30 old time). 13 hours in bed would make my joints cry out!! Time to wake him to take his morning dose of pills.

Thanks to all the kind comments and concern and prayers from everyone. I felt them all. 


ellen abbott said...

when he starts feeling good enough to balk at your oversight and healthy eating just look him in the eye and ask him if he wants another heart attack because next time he can just go through it alone (an empty threat, yes, but he won't know that if you are mean enough).

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Decorations seem to mulitply
I am please HeWho is on the recovery road.

Joanne Noragon said...

This is so hard on you, I know. A business does not run itself. Best wishes on all fronts.

dkzody said...

My thoughts are with you...that new normal is hard to get used to. My husband had open-heart surgery a year ago and we are just now feeling that we have our lives back to some semblance of normal. He is still going to cardiac rehab 2x a week. It will take time for HeWho to get used to new diet, new habits, new meds. You will both have to take it easy and be easy on yourselves as you travel this road.

Val said...

I know you are taking good care of your new old baby! I'm sure Toni Louise is glad to have her man back home, too.

River said...

I hope it doesn't take too long to adjust to his new diet. Perhaps you can find a recipe for low fat pie crust and make just one now and again as a special treat with NO cream or ice cream.
I think it is harder to adjust when you are heading into winter which is the time for all the yummy comfort foods. In summer it is easier to switch to salads and fruit, what my mum used to call rabbit food.

luksky said...

Good thing he's still in a weakened state or he may be more combative to your rules and

RunNRose said...

Re the comment above. I KNOW that having your "brand " more popular is really a priority right now!!!
I check here every day, Think about you and your man. Hope he is compliant and gains some strength so
maybe he will feel more upbeat. That will help both of you.