Thursday, November 21, 2019

Your Pigeons Are Dead

My Flamingoes stay out all year. Sometimes they are even pink. You might recall that they were red, white and blue all summer. For Halloween, they were painted flat black with their skeleton in white. Now they are silver with Santa hats.

Still have some red, white and blue hanging out. That frog looks like he might need a fresher look!

 Nothing says Christmas like a pot full of dried flowers? Among those dry flower stalks is a whole bunch of dried Basil plants. Smells so good when the wind gusts hit it. That snail seems to be hiding!

I have most of my lights up, since it was warm outside. Today was pretty dreary, as you can see. I still have lots more lights to go up high. I don't do ladders. With all the men recovering from various things, I don't have any ladder climbers available. We might have to do without some of the lights.

Since the day was so blah, I started painting the store. These walls have been various colors. White walls with black trim, then off-white with a tan trim. Today we went white again, with a gray trim. I suppose the color doesn't matter as much as the clean look. I don't mind painting and I always love the results.

I am moving the registration counter to the area in the picture. That will put me sitting by the window. It is located right in line with the door and the sun will hit the chrome on cars and stab me in the eyes every afternoon. That is only part of the arrangement, though. I will have a clear view of what is coming and going in my park. 
I'll  see you if you're speeding. 
I'll see if you don't stop.
I'll see if you are bad or good.
Like I have eyes in the back of my head!
You better not speed,
You better always stop!
Santa Claus lives here in my park!
Yes, I know it doesn't rhyme. HeWho has already pointed that out to me. But, Santa really does live here.

I know you are wondering about my title. It has to do with the flamingoes. While they were still black, I had laid them on the ground while I was painting the rails on the porch. A child came into the store to tell me that my pigeons were dead.


RunNRose said...

You are such fun! Your pigeons are dead, indeed! I wish you lived near me. Your creativity aling with your love of painting would be most welcome. I hope your days are going fairly well with all the new demands.

Joanne Noragon said...

That's a good "power move" for your registration counter.

Val said...

I'm glad your dead pigeons were reincarnated as silver Santa-helping flamingos!

River said...

With a few more layers of paint the flamingoes might begin to resemble Christmas geese.

luksky said...

I'm in love with those flamingos! I may have to be a copy cat and go out and buy me some flamingos and do the same. You're so crafty and creative.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your pigeons are dead...if only I had collected all the 'funnies' kids said over the years. Hope hewho is behaving and doing well.