Monday, September 30, 2019

Spooky and Fun

I cleaned my house today!! The entire living area. I swept, I mopped and I vacuumed. I dusted and sweated and I think I may have collected enough dog hair to make a rather large dog. Now that I think about it, maybe I could have used that dog hair in my Halloween creations ….

It  all started when I decided to make my own spider web. I have used those stringy things you buy in a package before, but I hate the clean up. We get pretty strong wind here, so it will blow chunks of it onto the grass, along with my spiders.

I researched and pondered possibilities. One suggestion was to use cotton clothesline and white yarn. While the clothesline would definitely be strong enough, it seemed like over-kill to me. After all, isn't it supposed to be thin and gossamer-like?

I like to think about things as I go about my day and it should come as no surprise that I found just what I was looking for. A used water filter. The kind that look like twine wound round the core. Stronger than yarn and not as stretchy. Worked great and cost nothing!!

A work in progress. The child in the cage. I visited the thrift store and scored the outfit, plus shoes for $1.37! The clothes baskets came from the Dollar Tree and I always have black spray paint. You can see the can right there in the picture! Today I added some chain and a padlock. Changed up some stuff and added a cauldron for the witch to stir. Final pictures in a future post.

 Back to the skeletons and spider webs. HeWho bought a dog skeleton for me! He knows I am too cheap to spend $8 on it!

My skeleton bride always makes an appearance this time of year. She is old. She made her very first appearance at my daughter, Jill's bridal shower. Almost 20 years old, she has held up well! Could that be her groom behind her? Under the "groom" is a rat skeleton. Another spider web to hold the spider skeletons.

Kamper Stacy found this frog skeleton for me! Love it!

This side is finished. I have four sections on the front. Another spider web is full of spiders with bats coming soon. Another section will feature witches and cats and the fourth will be all about jack-o-lanterns.

I added some creatures to sit in the rockers today. I am having fun with this and I still have the pavilion to decorate ……. not to mention Spooky Trail.

We will be having a Halloween celebration on October 26. Great fun, good food and scary times around a bonfire coming soon!


River said...

It's looking fantastic! We don't decorate out here and don't have kids trick or treating either, although I've heard some families will have a Halloween party at their house, so the kids don't have to knock on the doors of strangers. Halloween just isn't as big a deal out here although many stores decorate and sell spooky type items.

luksky said...

Love it!

ellen abbott said...

I'm too lazy to put forth the effort to decorate for holidays but I love looking at those who do.

RunNRose said...

I'm glad you are feeling upbeat. Hope you have more days like that. It's good that you enjoy the decorating, and the
entertainment that goes along with it. Kind of helps make up for some of the crap on the other end of the scale.

Joanne Noragon said...

Those spider webs are genius! And so are you.

Val said...

That's a plethora of skeletons! As always, your decorations look great. You're so creative. It might be spooky, but it looks welcoming to me.