Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Snake Versus Limb Lopper

I was weeding along the side of one of my many gardens with my bare hands. Gloves just get in the way. I am rethinking that now. I had my handy limb loppers with me as I was cleaning up the trees, as well. I think I actually TOUCHED the snake when I grabbed a handful of weeds and woke him. I lifted him with the loppers and I must have put too much pressure on them, because I cut his head off. OOPS! Alex took a good look at him and told me that he was harmless. He is definitely harmless now.

 HeWho was playing on his newest toy (Bobcat) found this flat rock and brought it to me. I used a couple of stumps and a 2X12 that was laying in the wood pile to create a nice little bench to sit and contemplate the world. I think it would make a nice setting for a family portrait.

I added some mums to this garden by the exit for some nice fall color. The creeping Charlie has filled in nicely around my rocks.

Another garden near the entrance needed some color as well. I think another flat of mums would be nice.

A close up of my little bench. I still have some more weeding to do behind that bench. Lavender lilies will be back come spring, then the red bee balm will fill in with more color. There is always marigolds. They provide lots of color into October.

To the right of that bench was a huge cluster of poison ivy. I bit the bullet and attacked it head on. I even used a shovel to get to the root of the problem and pulled it up! Then I rushed inside and hit the shower with some ivy wash. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not develop a full rash. Hope runs deep.

I have been lazy since the holiday weekend and things have been slow. We would normally close the pool by now, but I have a cub scout troop booked for this weekend, so I have decided to keep it open for them. After that, I will be done with the pool for the season.

Not that the pool maintenance has been an issue for me. Kamper Craig has things well in hand. Looks like we will be painting again in the Spring. So much for the paint that was supposed to last for 6 years.

Now I am off to another day of cleaning up garden beds and to see what kind of mess I can get myself into.


ellen abbott said...

I wish it was cool enough here to weed my gardens. Yours look really good.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Poison Ivy and a snake two things that I have no expeience with

Val said...

That was startling! For a few days, I will think of you as The Lopper.

River said...

Poison Ivy? I'd be wearing a hazmat suit and using a ditch digger to clear that. actually I'd be handing the job and the suit to anyone else to take care of it. We don't get poison ivy in Australia, not that I know of anyway.