Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Just Plain Tired

When last I posted I mentioned a c-pap machine. HeWho has one. Lots of people I know use them and I am quite certain that if we all submitted to a sleep study, there would be many more c-pap machines in use.

When I went for my initial check-up on Medicare, I was offered a sleep study. I declined. While it might well be beneficial for me, the thought of the scuba gear contraption stuck to my face and head does not sound like something I would want to do.

I was chastised about saying that the breathing apparatus was "just" a c-pap. HeWho says he sleeps much better with his and I believe him. But, be that as it may, the lack of the apparatus is far from life-threatening. It does not "keep you alive".

Okay, now on to the stories of the weekend. 

You might recall the outdoor game we added in early July. Golf Billiards. Really more for adults than children. Children seem to want to hit the balls too hard. Early on, the cue ball was hit so hard it broke in half. The kids who did it, brought it to me and apologized. 

Cue balls are sold separately and relatively inexpensive. I will admit that I did try to super glue it back together, but there were small chips missing. I was told it would just break again the first time someone hit it. I had all intentions of saving it to use somehow in one of my fairie gardens, but HeWho likes all things disposable threw it away.

The game was in play all weekend and seemed to be a big hit. You have to come into the office to get the putters and the billiard balls, so I sort of know who has it at any given time. You SHOULD return the items to the office when done, but on Sunday, they were just turned over to some kids.

The youngest child whacked the 9 ball and broke it. I will be forced to buy an entire set again. On the bright side, we will have lots of spares!

Sunday seemed to be the day for mischief. Some other kids were walking around with a bat. For whatever reason they decided to use the bat to hit my apples into the pool and all over the grounds. No reason, they just wanted to and there was the tree with all the apples just hanging there. You can have an apple and eat it, but don't hit them just to be destructive. The father disciplined them and I am okay with that.

Other than the noise from the evicted campers, the weekend was quite pleasant. Over cast on Friday and Saturday, it kept the temperature down and the young swimmers were not discouraged at all. We sold lots of firewood and Pringles. Ice cream, too. I still don't get the attraction of Pringles, but that is just me.

I can't seem to summon up much energy since the weekend. It is Wednesday and there is plenty to be done, but I am just blah. A little dizzy, a little queasy and very worthless!


dkzody said...

I know Pringles are manufactured food of the worst kind, BUT I love Pringles.

My husband and I had a conversation about just such foods the other day while having lunch at a favorite restaurant that serves real food. Nothing from a can. Nothing manufactured. Pringles came up and I said I could eat a whole can, that's why I NEVER buy the things. My husband, on the other hand, thinks Pringles are the worst kind of food and won't even eat a couple.

Kathy G said...

I think you should give yourself a week of 'vacation' to sit around and do nothing!

Val said...

It's too bad those kids busted your balls, and whacked your apples. At least some justice was served.

River said...

Dizzy and queasy doesn't sound good, perhaps you are a little anemic? I hope you aren't coming down with something. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids (Dr.River Ha Ha).
The kids with the bat and apples reminds me of my sons and the pomegranate tree :)
I like Pringles, but don't usually eat chips/crisps so don't even buy them for years at a time.