Monday, September 2, 2019

I Need A Nap

Finally, the most wonderful day of the week has arrived! I am really tired today, as I watch campers leaving. I wave and tell them to come again and smile. I will be ready to see all these people again by Memorial Day, really, I will. Most of them.

So, last night was awful. Two disturbances that woke me, then sleep evaded me. First disturbance was the family being evicted. They could not leave until today because they were blocked in. So, not only did they not pay their rent, they prevented me from incurring revenue from the site they sit upon and created a hostile environment for those around them. The camper in front of them, having actually paid for his site did not want to break up camp and move for them to get out. 

They spent their time bad-mouthing me to anyone who would listen. And those they spoke to came right up to the office to tell me what they said. Late last night as I was drifting off in the land of slumber we got a call about the son creating a lot of banging noises outside their camper. I dispatched HeWho to the site and then could not regain my drowsiness. I managed to doze off much later, then woke with a start. No sure why I woke, but realized the other half of my bed was empty. 

I got up to investigate and found Toni Louise in a tither at the office door and HeWho nowhere to be found. I looked at the monitor to see the parking lot and his truck was gone. Then I looked at  my phone to see 10 calls from the same number and two sarcastic voice messages. The caller had apparently tripped a breaker and he was saying that he had no power and "the breathing machine that keeps me alive" would not work without power. I was tempted to text him back and tell him that if he needed a ventilator he might need to reconsider camping. I am sure it was just a c-pap.

In any event, HeWho handles electrical problems took care of it. Most men would have simply gone over to the power box and located the breaker and flipped it back on. Even I know how to do that. 

I can hardly wait for bedtime and it is only 11AM. I might need a nap today.


Joanne Noragon said...

Happy end of the season. Well done. Certainly well kept up.

Linda O'Connell said...

Another holiday to mark in the books. I hope you can sleep well tonight. You need peace after last evening. Hope you can relax this week.

River said...

"I might need a nap today."
Just one? I think you deserve at least two.
I hope those troublemakers never come back.

Val said...

At least that guy was "kept alive" so he can leave more sarcastic messages in the future. The evicted banger-son was probably told to go outside and make some noise! Hope they're gone for good.

I'm pretty sure the dogs would vote for you to have a nap.