Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Kitchen Cabinets Part Two

The upper cabinets are ALMOST finished. Just need to frame the open cabinet. HeWho frequents building supply stores offered his services. I am not good with mitered ends. Well, unless you count bed making skills, my freshly made beds are a work of art! I like my sheets tight and the top sheet even and corners mitered. Tight, very tight. I remake the bed every day, not only on the days I put clean sheets on. I pull the bottom sheet up and pull it tight and free of wrinkles, then proceed from there. HeWho likes to sleep, thinks I do this just for him, but it is really for me. It is good to let him think that.

Off subject again. I hear that is a sign of old age. I accept that. It is easier to get back on track when I am writing, but don't expect that to happen when I am talking! So, HeWho bought the necessary trim. It languished through the weekend until late yesterday afternoon, when I may have been a little loud in the kitchen to let him know how annoyed I was.

He asked if he could use the saw inside and I had to pull it out of hiding. If it meant he would finally do something to help I didn't care where he sawed. I was busy preparing the lower cabinets to prime, then had to stop to cook. I dutifully made the man the slaw he requested, along with cheese grits and fried fish. I noticed, out the corner of my eye that he cut a piece and went over to the cabinet to discover it didn't fit. Nary a word did I say. He cut three more pieces and even nailed them in before telling me he didn't have enough to finish. He said he miscalculated and had not bought enough. I bit my tongue and refrained from asking if he would have had enough had he not cut the first piece wrong.

Given that my kitchen looks like the picture below, I thought I showed great restraint.

I want this done, so I can clear the counter top and have work space. The gray paint has a lot of blue in it. This makes me think I will not like the wall color now. This is a shame, since it was recently painted. Good thing I don't mind painting.

As I was cleaning out drawers and cabinets I found my waffle maker! I have not been looking for it, I knew it was somewhere. But, this made me realize that it was almost noon and I was hungry. But the counter was cluttered with all manner of stuff …..

What to do? I used the stove as a space to mix the batter and then I had just enough space to plug in that waffle maker and make myself a snack. I used the sink to lake my cookie cooling rack to receive the waffles I didn't eat for freezing. I am so resourceful!

Now, as I sit here waiting for various paints to dry (some things are primed, some are painted with the first coat, and the drawer fronts have all received the second coat) I realize how tired I am. I had to sit in the floor to get that cabinet door off. It is difficult enough to manually unscrew those flat head screws, without bending over and looking at them upside down. I got down with not much effort. The getting up was the problem. And the cold floor seemed to seep coldness into my bones.

It will all be worth it when I am done. I should have at least three of the drawers back in today. As you can see the sink front cabinet needs some attention from HeWho has gone to get more trim. He has agreed to hinge that front panel and create a little "drawer" there. He is great about volunteering to do things, but seems to want to do them in his time. My time runs faster.

The counter top will be refinished with a concrete application. Then the floor. Since my kitchen is apt to be flooded frequently, being located so close to the public laundry, showers and equipment room that houses the water coming in from the well, I decided to do an epoxy garage floor. That is supposed to be able to withstand all manner of chaos. I will let you all know. 


Joanne Noragon said...

But it will be wonderful when finished. For real. For sure.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

We often have to make a mess before it looks great in th end

River said...

I'm exhausted just reading all this, I hope you get finished sooner rather than later. I'm imagining you standing back and smiling at the finished kitchen.

RunNRose said...

Reading about the goings on in your life surely does make MY life more interesting. I do hope HeWho gets things done so
you will have a counter to work on!!!

Val said...

Mmm...waffles. You deserved that treat, even if it was more of a meal. HeWho is at least working on it, even though he creeps along at his own pace.

ellen abbott said...

having just spent the last year and a half getting my house rebuilt, I can sympathise.