Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Moving Right Along

If I thought painting the upper cabinets was labor intensive … I seem to have pushed aside the fact that I have more lower cabinets than upper. Climbing up and down the stepstool and stretching to reach was a challenge, but nothing compared to trying to kneel and ending up sitting on the floor and then having to get back up a dozen times a day.

I think I growled at the UPS guy for making me get up to answer the door. Everything is looking fresh and clean inside all the cabinets. I have installed 8 rolls of shelf paper and need more. All the while filling the dumpster with useless things I tend to tuck away for whatever reason. HeWho saves straws. Lots of straws in every single drawer in the kitchen. All eight of them. HeWho drinks Diet Coke exclusively retired his old plastic Bubba mugs in favor of his stainless steel cup. He was not a fan of the straw that came with the Bubba mug, preferring the smaller straws you get at fast food establishments. There was a thin red one he preferred and he would always ask for more than one straw when he purchased a beverage (always Diet Coke). 

The stainless steel did not come with a straw, much to his dismay, but the skinny red straw fit his needs. His most favorite Christmas gift from me was a package of three stainless steel straws that I happened upon strolling down the aisle in Walmart on one of those clippy things hanging on a shelf in the grocery section. There were only two sets. I have not seen one since.

I have one side finished, top and bottom. I painted the inside of my tiny pantry last night before I went to bed and the cans and boxes are waiting to be put away this morning. I slept late. Well, until 9, which is what was 8 before changing to daylight savings time. My coffee is digesting and a hot shower is calling my name. I need to soothe my old muscles and bones before this day's workout!


Linda O'Connell said...

Okay you should have a walk through so we can see the "after". You are one hard worker, I'll say that. Metal straws?

Val said...

I, too, save plastic straws, and the thin red ones are my favorite! For sipping Diet Coke, of course. I can't give up my plastic bubba cups. They are for water, not Diet Coke, which is sipped from the 44 oz Styrofoam cups I fill at the fountain of The Gas Station Chicken Store. Any size straw is good for the water.

How dare UPS to deliver something while you were sitting on the floor! It's like they have a psychic ability to sense when to arrive at the worst time.

River said...

I remember the awkwardness of painting down low and the stiffness next day which made getting out of bed uncomfortable.
Here in Australia there is a push to get rid of single use plastics, most especially plastic straws and drink cups, so many establishments now don't provide them anymore, they have "paper" straws instead, that feel more like cardboard in the mouth. I have a stash of plastic ones at home and put one in my backpack whenever I go out incase I need one, but I won't buy any more packets once they're gone. I like the idea of stainless steel straws and will look around for them in the shops here and online.

River said...

What's a "bubba" cup? some special kind of cup? it sounds like the sippy cups used for toddlers.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Tim has a habit of collecting sachets of coffee that he never uses and I end up tossing them out

Joanne Noragon said...

You are my bravest woman in the universe. I think I said that already. So, you remain such!

RunNRose said...

Believe it or not, my "Old Man" uses plastic straws for his daily one or two beers!
He pours the room temp beer into a glass, adds one or two Ice cubes, and drinks it
with a plastic straw. Weird, huh? I have stainless steel cups for my sweet tea or
Pepsi. Found the stainless steel straws at Amazon. I hope you are not too
terribly SORE tomorrow from all the ups and downs! For sure, you will be some
glad to get your cupboards all finished and filled. Look forward to seeing photos.