Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I Am Off

Finally, I am ready to do the floor. I had set my goal to be finished before I fly away on March 28th. Now my appliances are looking so sad. My stove is pitiful. 

Remember, I set it on fire while baking Christmas cookies. The knobs to turn the burners on are gnarled and the soot still stains the interior of the microwave. Magic Eraser does not have enough magic and the boiling of the bowl of vinegar did absolutely nothing to help. Even the paste of baking soda and vinegar didn't work and I am afraid that oven cleaner would be too harsh and would eat away at the plastic interior. It is very clean, if stained.

The stove still works. It is black. Now I wish I had just chosen the tried and true white. I have toyed with thoughts of painting it. There is dust caught between the oven windows. I read on Pinterest several ways to eliminate this. I quickly discarded the idea of taking the door apart, cleaning and reassembling it. How did anything get in there? I thought it was supposed to be sealed tight to keep the heat inside the oven. Another suggestion would have me pulling the drawer under the oven out and then laying on the floor underneath the door to see where to insert one of those duster things that are supposed to act like a dust magnet.

This is not appealing to me, but I am seriously considering asking the man of the house to do this. You know, to prevent me from buying a new stove. Might work ….

The fridge still works, but it is ugly. It keeps the food cold and the freezer works. We bought it used and it came with a dent in the door. But that is not the worst part. The shelves in the door have no stopper things to hold the stuff in place. I tried a bungee cord, but it kept flying off, so I have  tension rods in place now. I suppose I could use one of those dent removers for cars and pull the dent out and paint it. I could, but I don't really want to.

Must be that I am tired and uninspired. My floor kit was bought several years ago by HeWho had some notion of doing something. I pulled it out and looked at it. The basic color is tan. I don't want tan. Everything in the kitchen is in tones of gray. HeWho bought it probably didn't even notice that it came in different colors and thinks that adding this tan color to the floor will "make the other colors pop". No, it won't. It will make the other colors cry. I wonder if I can substitute gray floor paint for the stain and just proceed with the instructions.

I am out of time and the floor will just have to wait! I leave tomorrow and I have spent the last two days remerchandising my store. Upon my return I will be stocking the store and then the outside chores will take over my life. I will just enjoy what I have finished and wait on that floor. You know what they say about the best laid plans ...

Now it is time to clean my house in hopes it will still be clean when I come home. I will be without internet for the five days I will be gone. I will miss that and my four legged friends, and I will be checking up on HeWho frequently to make sure he remembers to take his meds and feed the animals.


Joanne Noragon said...

First of all, well done, all the had work that is done. And, I missed a page! Where are you going, who to visit?

Val said...

At least you will have a grand reunion with your four-legged friends when you return!

RunNRose said...

I, too, am wondering where you are going, I wonder if you could sell the tan tiles and use the money toward gray ones.
Have an enjoyable, safe trip.

River said...

With all the cupboards being shades of grey (50?), I wouldn't want the flor to be also grey. unless perhaps it was charcoal grey, really dark. I'm a blue fan, so I'd be looking for a reasonably dark shade of a greyed blue, but definitely not tan, whatever you choose. I think your fridge needs replacing with something that has proper door shelves so things don't fall out. Can you look around for "package sales" where you can get all the white goods, stove fridge, etc at a reduced price when you buy the lot?

Kathy G said...

Have a good trip!

Linda O'Connell said...

You certainly deserve a trip. Hope you have fun. Painting must be your passion. Don't think I'd paint my floors, although once I was in St. Charles and saw a hand painted floor that looked like a real rug with fringe. It was incredible.