Saturday, March 23, 2019

Baby Steps

Spring truly has arrived!! My daffodils are poking up bravely. The day lilies and even the tiger lilies are coming up. The trees are sporting tiny buds … and campers are starting to come in. My time is no longer my own.

Expecting two early arrivals, I awoke at 8:30, at which time my brain said, no, it is really 7:30. I hopped in the shower and then dressed quickly. I still had 15 minutes! I made my coffee ….. and the symphony of crazy dog barking jarred me to my toes. Someone was at the door of the store. 

I have yet to put the store hours sign out for Spring hours and the one in place still proclaims that we do not open until noon. But, thinking it might be the late arrival from last night coming up to pay, I went to the door. It was a camper that stayed at the state park begging to use my dump station and get water.

I sent her to the dump station, then sanded and put a second coat of paint on a cabinet door front, and only then did I reach for my cup of coffee. But, the door again. She was back. Would I fill her gallon jug with water? I managed to keep that smile plastered on my face.

I got my cup of magic morning elixir and settled into my chair. My poor dogs are so confused. Where is morning mommy, with her fluffy robe and slippers? Cujo was ecstatic when I sat down he ran several circles to show his happiness before being elevated by the recliner into my lap. I hugged his warm little body and told him I loved him. He offered the side of his little head for kisses and settled in next to me.

Not to be ignored, Eddie patiently waited his turn to complete the morning routine. I lowered the foot of the recliner and he hopped aboard. He was still warm from the sun and I scooped him up. I love to inhale his scent when he has been outside. His black fur holds that scent. He smells like sunshine this morning. He politely holds his little head up for kisses, then snuggles into my neck.

This must be what heaven will be like. Back to earth ... There is a very skinny space next to my stove. Seven and a half inches to be exact. I pondered the possibilities when we were putting the original kitchen together and after vetoing HeWho and his thought of just making a wall there. 

There already is a wall and 7 1/2" of valuable space sits waiting for me to use!! He built a lower cabinet and topped it with butcher block. He then used a piece of shelving board and hinged a door. I can keep skinny things like cookie sheets in it. The tiny bit of counter top holds a big vase with frequently used utensils. 

For a long time the top part of that was just a vacant spot. Then one day I said to HeWho hates to hear these dreaded words, "Honey, I've had an epiphany!" His eyes glazed over and a pained expression appeared on his face. I told him that space was just right for a pull out cabinet to hold my spices. "Picture a drawer on it's side with shelves in it." Shaking his head, he told me that would never be possible.

Since this was before he started hiding the chop saw, I took a drawer that was not being used and cut the bottom off, put shelves in it and showed him. It was a drawer for lower cabinets, making it too long for the upper cabinet. Of course, the hardware would not work, being too long. HeWho finally got with the idea and actually purchased the mechanism that would fit. 

He never installed them, can't find them now. Since my cabinets go all the way to the ceiling there was a hole between the ceiling and the drawer front. You get used to these things after a time. I never put spices in the drawer, figuring the would fall if I yanked on it to open it with no drawer glides.

But, now that the other side of my kitchen is done, that gapping hole mocks me every time I cook. Taking matters into my own capable hands, I removed the drawer front and the drew a picture with the exact dimensions of what I wanted cut from a 10" piece of shelving board. Much to my utter surprise, it was done in a timely fashion!

You will recall that I left one cabinet with no doors because they did not match the other doors. I still have two different styles of doors, but they are similar. The doors in question had raised panels, while all the rest were flat paneled. In a fit of inspiration (HE had an epiphany) HeWho likes loud tools routed the door he make for me that would conceal the gapping hole and now it looks like a raised panel. I just wanted the edges rounded.

But I am not going to complain (not to him, anyway). I will put a coat of poly atop the two coats of paint and slide that drawer back in place with it's new cover! Will I ever use it as I had intended? Probably not, but that hole will be covered!

The back door that was installed over 2 years ago has finally been finished!! Baby steps, people, baby steps.


dkzody said...

Those doggies have you trained so well. Probably like our cats, they like their routine.

Joanne Noragon said...

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz
Kathy has tools and is down to biz!

Val said...

My black-furred Juno has that sweet sunshine smell, too! I can guarantee you that she has never been bathed a fraction of what your dogs have enjoyed, so it must indeed be the sunshine giving her the fragrance.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Baby steps indeed

River said...

Sunshine is a wonderful fragrance, I love sundried sheets and towels.