Thursday, July 16, 2015

When I Measured This, I Thought The Gap Was Bigger

I really thought this would go smoother, although, I cannot imagine why. Two days with no sink. Two days with all the crap from the cabinets stacked high. Two days of moving barricades to be able to open doors.

Tomorrow will be no better. He made no less than 4 trips to the hardware store for various plumbing supplies. He sawed and glued the live-long day and when we finally crawled into bed last night, I asked if the plumbing was done so that the base cabinets could come in the house. "Yep, just want everything to dry and then we are good to go." I assumed the cabinet introduction would begin bright and early. Assumed. You know what they say about assumptions and making asses of you and me.

We had several horses in the park last night and when He Who awoke from his slumber, he went to commune with nature and the horses. After that He Who never walks drove around the park like a deranged WalMart greeter, then came rushing in to the office saying we needed to get our water sample done for the month. Since we are only half way through the month and have the last two weeks of the month to submit the sample, I was of the opinion that we needed water in the kitchen. But, I filled out the necessary forms as he pondered which hydrant to gather from. Then he stood at my desk dilly-dallying the time away and wanted to know if there were any checks for deposit. One, one lone check. He fills out the deposit slip and away he goes to accomplish these very necessary tasks.

He is back in a little over an hour. I know a delaying tactic when I see one. Next thing I hear is the saw ...... I stand corrected, grinder. Curious, I go take a little look-see at the progress in the kitchen. He is sawing (grinding) the pvc pipes of yesterday's work. I hear about the cut-off valve and how it works, reminding me of that song about how the bones are connected (the thigh bone's connected to the hip bone). He assures me that this pipe endeavor will be leak proof, nary a drip, for life.

This goes on for a bit, and then he suddenly needs to acquire fuel for the mower and even offers to return with an iced coffee for me. Since I had only had one cup of reheated coffee (no sink and no counter). He returns, having forgotten the peace offering. He insists he will turn around and go right back until I physically block his way and demand that he get my sink in.

He finally stops playing with the grinder and the pvc glue that stinks and goes on to the placement of the thin board that will be the back of these hand built all wood heavy duty cabinets. I even offer my assistance as he carefully trims around the pipes. I cannot be happier. Progress. After another take out meal (Mexican tonight and not all that tasty, I might add), the cabinets are brought to the front of the building and loaded into the building and cabinet #1 makes it's way into the kitchen!!

I continue unloading the smaller pieces of the new cabinets and then load the trailer with the soggy discards. I come inside to see that the new cabinet fits fine .......... but the new plumbing does not.  "Didn't you measure the cabinet before you placed the plumbing?" .....


Val said...

No iced coffee!

That's like the time Hick was puttering around in the garage, and said he'd carry my Sonic Route 44 Diet Cherry Coke into the house. And dropped it right in front of the kitchen door. I almost vaulted over the edge of the back porch deck, 15 feet down, to stand under the boards and let it drip into my mouth.

Linda O'Connell said...

Minor diversions the boys would say as they trot to town and back, compare prices at hardware stores...Dilly-Dally, you got that right. I know you'll be glad when you get your kitchen back.

luksky said...

Oh my, I feel your pain. The way it is around my house is if it's not affecting him it doesn't take priority.