Monday, July 13, 2015

Is This A Prank?

Another hot day here in mid-Missouri. Looks promising for lots of swimmers. My time is precious now, as I know that after 11 am I will not be out of the office until closing.

So, why am I here in this chair? I should be mowing the side yard next to the pool ..... or cleaning out cabinets in preparation for the new (used) ones coming in this very afternoon.

My kitchen was flooded in the recent deluge of water falling from the skies and my base cabinets wicked it all up. They have to be removed (not to worry, I will salvage the doors and hardware). I turned once again to my friend Craig with his list and snagged an entire kitchen for a mere $100! For the first time in 11 years I will have cabinets that match!

One would think that I would be overcome with joy at this prospect and eagerly emptying the contents of the cabinets, while anticipating the installation of the new (used) ones. I was. I awoke just before 7 and was awaiting the brewing of the coffee and feeding my dogs when the phone rang ......

A silky voiced man asks if this is where he can make a reservation. Sighing inwardly, I open the office and flip on the lights. I am not ready for the public in my night shirt and the lights will alert the campers that I am in the office. "Tell me what kind of site you need and when you will need it," I say to the man with the silky sing-song voice. He answers, "July 14th, 15th and 16th of next year."

I resist the urge to ask why it was so critical to call so early in the morning for a reservation a year in advance and simply repeat "next year?" Apparently astonished at my question, he indignantly tells me, "Of course, next year, those dates have already gone by this year!"

Although I might be the one that has just awakened and I might not have all my wits about me without that needed shot of caffeine, I can still read a calendar and today is the 13th. I inform him of this and he begins to recite the names of all the friends he will be camping with and tells me which of these he would like to be next to. I have no reservations pending for these folk and tell him. I ask him if he has the correct campground. He insists, in his now whiny voice, that mine is the number given to him by his friends, then hangs up.

I actually thought I was being pranked by one of my seasonal campers at first. Women never do this to me, but their husbands fancy themselves to be great imitators and think it is funny to ask for 100 campsites. They forget that I have caller ID. They could block the number, but they are so excited to pull one over on me, they don't think about that. I am quite sure he meant to call my competitor across the highway. She books far out and does a lot of clubs. I cater to a different set of campers. I am more child friendly with a playground and a shallow end of my pool. Works out great and we have a friendly co-existence.

Maybe his fellow club members gave him the wrong number because they don't want to be parked next to him? Did I say silky voice? I meant sleazy.

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Val said...

Sounds pranky to me. The date part seems contrived. The rest...kind of seems like some of your would-be customers would act.