Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kitchen .... Almost

After much nagging and gnashing of teeth (mine), all the cabinets are in, along with the sink and running water. You have no idea what a convenience this is, until it is taken away for a week!

The upper cabinets went in last night and I have spent the day putting things away. I have tossed a lot of crap. You know the stuff. Cool whip containers and extra straws and such. I am quite pleased with the space. I still have one lower cabinet to unload and put in the upper cabinets. I am tired, though. We can eat at the table tonight and that is progress!!

I am taking my time and cleaning as I go. I went from 3 drawers to 8. Wall to wall cabinets, where open shelves used to be. I had the uppers put up all the way to the ceiling. I will need to purchase a fetching stool. In the meantime I am using my stepstool that have all manner of stuff clinging to it. Paint and glue. I suppose I could clean it up, but He Who needs a lift now and again is apt to borrow it and all my efforts would be for not. Remember the old ones that had a chair seat and the steps pulled out? I would love one of those. I will launch a search tonight.

He Who hits water hydrants with his big mower, then spends an entire day fixing a mess that was easily preventable, made an offer this morning that has had me chuckling all day long. He offered to build a library ladder in my kitchen. You know the kind, on a track set into the ceiling. Really, after all the fuss with putting the cabinets in, does he think I would climb aboard some contraption he set into the ceiling?

I once asked him if he minded me poking fun at him on this blog and he told me to go for it, so if any of you think I am a bit too critical of him .... he finds my posts amusing.

And I found 5 box tops for Casey's Pizza!! Stuck away in the junk drawer for who knows how long. Just 4 more and I will enjoy a free pizza. If only that was tonight.

40 years ago, today, I gave birth to my son and daughter. I cannot believe that much time has slipped by. I wish I could be with them to celebrate this milestone. I will see them in September when their little sister weds the love of her life. We will celebrate then. I miss them today, though.


Kathy G said...

September will be here before you know it! I love my folding step stool that's slim enough to fit in the space between the refrigerator and the wall.

Val said...

Happy Birthday to your offspring!

My husband wants me to write MORE about him! And he knows it's never good! He even tells me he has a story for my every now and then. I am NOT going to mention that ladder idea to him.