Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Streaming Is Forbidden!

I don't remember getting so tired last year. I know I am getting older, but I can't seem to keep my eyes open much past 9:00. I was thinking it might be my Neurontin and I tried to wean myself, but ..... the pain makes me even more tired.

We had a few favorite kampers over for Easter dinner. I love to cook for people I love. We had a feast. Spiral cut brown sugar glazed ham, fresh asparagus spears wrapped in bacon and roasted, potato salad, and dinner rolls. Andrea brought her famous pineapple dressing, a grape salad and assorted tasty bites ...... as well as some Jello shots! Wine, too. Martha came with wine, as well and she provided the 3 cakes for dessert (Pepperidge Farm, my favorite!)

I had such a good time. I went to bed at 7:00 and slept until 7:00 Monday morning. You would think that I would be rested up, but as soon as the sun starts to drop in the sky, I start planning my escape to bed. I usually get up at 5 am when the low throated whine of my old boy, Oscar wakes me. He is always ready to eat then. They all go out, and the other three go back to bed with me until 7. Oscar is ready for more chow then. The day is a long one of whining and being declined for more food until 3 pm. He then naps until 5 when he starts whining again and hoping that a plate will fall from the table.

He follows my every step in my small kitchen. I stumble a lot as he waits for anything to drop from my hands. Doesn't matter what it is, potato peels, the end of a carrot, or a chunk of fruit, he will grab it and gnaw away with the few teeth he has left. If fortune is on his side, I will fry something and he will gleefully lick the floor by the stove. He is partial to bacon and pork chops. When I tuck my legs under the table to eat my meal, he insinuates himself between my feet, lest I forget he is there.

I love that old dog. He annoys the crap out of me sometimes, but I would miss him like crazy if he wasn't there at my feet, tripping me as I cooked.

Wait, I was telling you about my constant fatigue, then I got all sappy about my old dog. The internet continues to toy with my good will. I know that there must be someone here streaming a movie. Strictly forbidden, as it will knock everyone else off. That is what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere in the great state of Missouri(pronounced "misery"). My laptop is completely dead, won't even turn on. Dude, it's a Dell.

So, lest you think I have disappeared from the land of blog ...... I am reading and can even slip in a comment or two. I will be trolling my grounds looking for the streaming offender. In the meantime I take great pleasure in knowing that every time I have to schlep outside and physically reboot the system, I am knocking them off-line, too. I take my pleasures where I can get them!


Joanne Noragon said...

Will you knock on the door before you pull their plug?

Val said...

You go get 'em! Turn that streamer into a screamer. In a non-violent manner, of course. Just make a crybaby out of him.

Linda O'Connell said...

You go girl!

joanne said...


Naqvee said...

"I love to cook for people I love" this line stole me heart away, as I am exactly this way.
To blog is a Pretty nice way to uplift your state of miss-ERY-ouri! haha


Mrs Shoes said...

Hi Kathy,
I've been away awhile, but I was a daily reader a few years back (you followed me too, though I was writing under the Humour Bloggers banner then (Remember the good old days? ;-)). I'm writing less venomous stuff these days... still have lots of it,mind you, but times change.
Hope you'll have a chance to stop by one day. Very glad to see that you are still chronicling your kapers; I'll be back regularly.
Warm wishes