Friday, April 24, 2015

Bartering, Frost and Costumes

Busy is an understatement as we race to accomplish as much as possible before Memorial Day. The bathroom renovations seem to be dragging on endlessly. A camper expressed interest in working on the tiling in exchange for rent.

I like barter, myself. Seems like a better way of commerce to me. Only problem is that he will only work for about 2 hours and then he quits. While it is true that he does good work ....... his productivity leaves a lot to be desired. At the rate he is going the bathrooms won't be done this year!

Nevermind, will just do them myself. My gardens might suffer, but one has to have priorities, right? Speaking of gardens, a kamper (not to be confused with a camper, campers spelled with a "k" are like family) brought a banana tree to me! It has to be dug up every fall and left dormant in a cool dry place, but to have my very own bananas, it will be worth the effort. So I planted the tree and watered it. I spoke loving words to the tree as I patted the dirt around the roots.

The very day I planted it, the forecast called for frost that night! So, there I was, in the dark, carefully shrouding my 5 and a half foot tree with sheets to protect it from Mother Nature and her tricky deeds. When I got up the next morning at Oscar's usual feeding time, I peeked out my bedroom window to see the tree dressed in her sheets, looking for all the world like a member of the KKK standing sentinel over my garden! Not my intention, since it is not Halloween.


ellen abbott said...

we have banana trees down here and they survive a frost no problem. even a hard freeze, but those don't last very long. they will lose their leaves and the trunk may feel a little mushy but it will be OK regenerating from the center.

Joanne Noragon said...

How good to have a banana tree and excellent advice on its care and feeding, too.

Anonymous said...

I wish you well with the banana tree. They manage to stay alive here in central California but they don't usually produce many bananas. I don't think it's humid enough for the plant.

Val said...

A BANANA TREE! Hope no campers run over it!